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August 4, 2021, CNN aired successful piece on me primarily based on a fabricated report by the Heart for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) — a report that has since been refuted by Fb itself.1

In accordance with the CCDH,2 I’m No. 1 of a dozen people liable for 65% of all anti-vaccine content material on social media and may subsequently be stripped of my First Modification rights to free speech and banned from all platforms.

For his or her first broadcast, CNN reporter Randi Kaye, who wasn’t sporting a masks on the time, tracked me down as I bicycled round my residence city to ask me about why I say masks do not work, and whether or not I “really feel accountable” for the deaths of unvaccinated folks — an odd perspective certainly, contemplating the COVID pictures CNN is pushing could have killed greater than 200,000 in any other case wholesome Individuals to this point.3

The U.S. Vaccine Opposed Occasion Reporting System (VAERS) had as of September 24, 2021, acquired 15,937 studies of deaths shortly after the COVID injection,4 and a report by Steve Kirsch supplies compelling proof that unwanted effects are underreported by an element of 41. Meaning the demise toll could also be nearer to 250,000.

Does CNN remorse having lured all of those folks to their deaths by refusing to report something unfavorable about these experimental injections? On the finish of that section (beneath), Kaye decries the success of my best-selling e-book, “The Fact About COVID-19: Exposing the Nice Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Regular,” refusing to even state its title.

To date, the e-book has offered greater than 250,000 copies, and all proceeds are being donated to the Nationwide Vaccine Data Heart (NVIC), the oldest and largest vaccine security advocacy group within the U.S.

CNN Takes One other Stab at My Guide

October 4, 2021, CNN aired a follow-up on the e-book’s success — this time offering its title — whereas urging Amazon to get into the e-book burning enterprise moderately than being a e-book vendor. Like one thing straight out of George Orwell’s “1984” newsspeak dictionary, CNN host Anderson Cooper mentioned my e-book is loaded with “mistruths” about COVID. I suppose “misinformation” would not pack the identical punch it as soon as did.

In addition they nonetheless referred to me as a “superspreader of misinformation,” although Fb has printed information exhibiting that between the 12 of us “superspreaders,” we really solely account for a minuscule 0.05% of all vaccine-related content material on that platform. As famous by Monika Bickert, vice chairman of Fb content material coverage:5

“… these 12 individuals are liable for about simply 0.05% of all views of vaccine-related content material on Fb. This contains all vaccine-related posts they’ve shared, whether or not true or false, in addition to URLs related to these folks.

The report6 upon which the defective narrative is predicated analyzed solely a slim set of 483 items of content material over six weeks from solely 30 teams, a few of that are as small as 2,500 customers.

They’re under no circumstances consultant of the a whole bunch of hundreds of thousands of posts that individuals have shared about COVID-19 vaccines up to now months on Fb.

Additional, there isn’t any clarification for the way the group behind the report recognized the content material they describe as ‘anti-vax’ or how they selected the 30 teams they included of their evaluation. There is no such thing as a justification for his or her declare that their information represent a ‘consultant pattern’ of the content material shared throughout our apps.”

Present Us the Proof, CNN

CNN makes use of the oldest propaganda trick within the e-book in its newest report. For those who simply spew out sufficient derogatory phrases about your opponent, folks will overlook the truth that you supplied zero proof to again up your place.

They declare my e-book is filled with “lies,” “misinformation” and “mistruths.” However not a single piece of proof to again that up is introduced. They do not even present any particular examples of what these “lies” is perhaps. My e-book is absolutely referenced, and none of these references has been publicly disputed or refuted as false.

A journalist accusing somebody of lies had higher nicely have proof of these lies. To provide a narrative with out that proof is unconscionable and positively not consultant of trustworthy journalism.

As Kaye mentions, CNN additionally contacted my writer, Chelsea Inexperienced, for touch upon a collection of questions. Under are the solutions supplied by president and writer Margo Baldwin to CNN’s AC360 producer Stephen Samaniego:

CNN Query: Why did Chelsea Inexperienced publish a e-book so filled with misinformation?

Chelsea Inexperienced Reply: What misinformation? There is no such thing as a misinformation so far as we’re involved. I’d ask the identical factor of CNN and the misinformation it perpetuates concerning the lab leak origins of the virus: being/lab-leak-coronavirus-theory-comic-book-scn/index.html

CNN Query: Do you’re feeling any accountability in any respect for giving an writer who’s peddling lies about COVID a platform to revenue from these lies?

Chelsea Inexperienced Reply: What lies? Please elaborate on the lies you’re referring to.

CNN Query: Do you’re feeling liable for contributing to the misinformation that’s on the market about COVID and the vaccines?

Chelsea Inexperienced Reply: No, we really feel we’re contributing to the reality about COVID, as many different eminent scientists and medical doctors are additionally courageously doing.

CNN Query: How a lot cash had the e-book grossed for Chelsea Inexperienced Publishing?

Chelsea Inexperienced Reply: I believe you’ll be able to determine that out for yourselves.

CNN Query: What was Dr. Mercola’s compensation for writing the e-book and the way a lot has he earned from gross sales royalties?

Chelsea Inexperienced Reply: That’s confidential info however Dr. Mercola has mentioned publicly that he’s donating all his earnings from the e-book to The Nationwide Vaccine Data Heart, a nonprofit group devoted to vaccine security.

In a press release accompanying her solutions, Baldwin added:

“These will not be critical journalistic questions. They’re merely makes an attempt by CNN to close down debate and censor speech. We name it out for what it’s: intimidation techniques for use in opposition to anybody who dares to query the narrative that CNN is peddling.

Our accountability is to the general public and to face up at no cost and open alternate of data. If in case you have questions on any of the information within the e-book, take a look at the sources and study the proof as a substitute of merely dismissing it as ‘misinformation.'”

Present Us the Lies

In an e mail response to Baldwin’s request for elaboration on the supposed lies he is referring to, Samaniego said:

“There are too many for me present you a complete checklist however just a few prime line ones that stick out …

That the vaccine trials had been rigged, that the vaccines are a part of unprecedented and harmful experiment, that a considerable amount of information means that vaccines could also be utterly pointless, vaccines can not stop or scale back transmission or an infection hospitalization or demise. In accordance with the CDC the vaccines are practically 100% efficient at stopping critical illness and demise.”

Baldwin replied to this short-list with the next mainstream media hyperlinks, none of which, by the way in which, has been accused of being superspreaders of mistruths:

“The trials had been designed particularly to succeed.

Eradicating the placebo teams from vaccine trials will stop correct information from long run research from being identified.

The experiments are persevering with by means of 2027 because the FDA APPROVAL requires Pfizer to submit examine outcomes analyzing threat of myocarditis and pericarditis, and threat to long-term toddler growth in pregnant ladies. Examine outcomes studies will probably be submitted to the FDA for assessment on Oct 31, 2025 and Could 31, 2027 respectively.

Almost 60% of gravely ailing sufferers are absolutely vaccinated, whereas stating the Pfizer vaccine is simply 39% efficient. and”

Are COVID Pictures Obligatory?

The one query Baldwin didn’t tackle was whether or not the COVID pictures are even obligatory. My subsequent e-book, which can concentrate on the so-called COVID “vaccines,” will go into this query in nice element, however the truth of the matter is the pictures are, by and huge, pointless for most individuals, for the straightforward motive that most individuals aren’t liable to dying from COVID-19.7,8,9,10,11

Knowledge from a Wake Forest Baptist Well being examine12,13 recommend the general demise charge from COVID-19 is round 0.1%.14 Stanford College’s illness prevention chairman Dr. John Ioannidis has calculated the an infection fatality charge as being between 0.05% and 1%, with a median of 0.25%. For these below the age of 45, the an infection fatality charge is close to zero, and between the ages of 45 to 70, it is between 0.05% and 0.3%.15,16

Yet one more examine17 printed within the Annals of Inside Medication put the general noninstitutionalized an infection fatality charge at 0.26%. Individuals youthful than 40 have an an infection fatality charge of 0.01%, whereas these 60 and older had a 1.71% threat of dying from the an infection.

Now, in case your threat of dying from COVID-19 is close to zero, even when the injection is 100% efficient at stopping demise, you are not getting any profit since you were not liable to dying within the first place.

This isn’t rocket science. So, CNN both can not wrap their heads round these easy information factors, or they ignore it as a result of they do not need you to grasp simply how small the chance of COVID-19 really is, and the way nice the dangers of the COVID injections are compared. If the latter is true, then they’re complicit within the deaths of tens of 1000’s of Individuals, and maybe a whole bunch of 1000’s.

How Efficient Are the COVID Pictures, Actually?

And, there’s extra. Plenty of research have additionally seemed on the absolute threat discount supplied by the COVID pictures, exhibiting they’re close to ineffective. Whereas, on the outset, vaccine makers all boasted very excessive effectiveness for his or her COVID pictures, unbiased opinions recommend their claims had been massively overstated from the get-go.

Because it seems, they’re all utilizing one of many easiest and oldest statistical methods within the e-book: conflating relative and absolute threat discount. Pfizer, for instance, claimed its mRNA shot was 95% efficient. How did they get that quantity? In trials reportedly involving tens of 1000’s of individuals, 170 had been recognized with COVID-19 through the trial.

Of these, 162 had been within the placebo group and eight had been within the COVID shot group. From this, it’s inferred that the shot prevented 154 out of 162 folks from creating COVID-19. That is 95%. Nonetheless, that is the relative threat discount. The absoluterisk discount is definitely lower than 1%.18

When calculating absolute threat discount, you examine the frequency of an end result within the therapy group in comparison with untreated controls. As a hypothetical instance, if 20% of the management group develops COVID-19, in comparison with simply 12% of those that received the jab, then you could have an absolute threat discount of 8%.

That then signifies that if 100 folks received the COVID shot, eight wouldn’t get COVID-19. That is essentially the most correct and useful approach to current information while you need folks to have the ability to make an knowledgeable therapy selection; if you wish to manipulate and deceive them, you’ll use the relative threat discount.

Dr. Ron Brown printed a paper detailing the issues with this type of reporting bias particularly because it pertains to COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines.” In “Consequence Reporting Bias in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Scientific Trials”19 Brown calculates absolutely the threat discount for Pfizer’s and Moderna’s injections, primarily based on their very own medical trial information, in order that we will examine them to the relative threat discount reported by these corporations. This is a abstract:20

  • Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine BNT162b2 — Relative threat discount: 95.1%. Absolute threat discount: 0.7%
  • Moderna vaccine mRNA-1273 — Relative threat discount: 94.1%. Absolute threat discount 1.1%

As famous by Brown, “Reporting absolute threat discount measures is important to stop end result reporting bias in analysis of COVID-19 vaccine efficacy.”

In a July 1, 2021, commentary in The Lancet Microbe,21 Piero Olliaro, Els Torreele and Michel Vaillant additionally argue for using absolute threat discount when discussing vaccine efficacy with the general public. They too went by means of the calculations, developing with the next:

  • Pfizer/BioNTech — Relative threat discount: 95%. Absolute threat discount: 0.84%
  • Moderna — Relative threat discount: 94%. Absolute threat discount: 1.2%
  • Gamaleya (Sputnic V) — Relative threat discount: 91%. Absolute threat discount: 0.93%
  • Johnson & Johnson — Relative threat discount: 67%. Absolute threat discount: 1.2%
  • AstraZeneca/Oxford — Relative threat discount: 67%. Absolute threat discount: 1.3%

The Knowledge Show COVID Pictures Are Not a Viable Reply

As you’ll be able to see, absolutely the threat discount for all of those COVID pictures is beneath 1.3% (and people numbers can solely go down because the effectiveness of the pictures wane). And, as simply talked about, your threat of dying from COVID-19, supplied you are not ailing and residing in a nursing residence, is round 0.25%.

So, once more, in case your threat of dying from COVID-19 is lower than 1%, and your absolute threat discount from the COVID shot is correct round 1%, that tells us the mathematical risk of those COVID “vaccines” having a positive affect on public well being could be very near zero.

Therefore, stating that COVID pictures could also be pointless for most individuals is just not a lie. It is a commonsense conclusion that may be verified by anybody, in quite a few alternative ways, utilizing quite a few totally different information sources. Sadly, CNN is not within the enterprise of relaying verifiable information or information.

Relatively, they are a propaganda mill for The Nice Reset agenda, which wants vaccine passports to be carried out internationally. And to ensure that that to occur, folks have to be satisfied that COVID-19 is a deadly scourge that have to be prevented, even when it prices us our freedom and the well being, lives and livelihood of a whole bunch of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

I’m donating all proceeds from this e-book to NVIC to assist us defend our rights. NVIC works throughout the entire US, the are the oldest and strongest voice we’ve got in defending medical selection. Please assist elevate consciousness by buying The Fact About COVID-19 whilst you can, and enhance the visibility on Amazon so others will turn into conscious of this necessary e-book earlier than the censors have it banned. Thanks if you have already got a duplicate, it has really made a distinction!

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