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I’ve talked earlier than in regards to the hyperlink between diet and oral well being and the flexibility of enamel to remineralize and regenerate and shared my very own expertise with reversing a cavity. The strategy I used was two-part: addressing mineral ranges within the physique/saliva and utilizing a pure remineralizing toothpaste that offered minerals to the floor of the enamel.

A Remineralizing Toothpaste

There’s numerous rising details about tooth remineralization, a course of that many dentists beforehand thought was inconceivable. This text goes into element in regards to the science behind tooth remineralization and the dietary steps vital. (It additionally explains why components in most toothpastes, even pure ones, will not be optimum!) I additionally did a podcast interview with a dentist who explains the science of remineralization (pay attention right here).

The data I discovered in researching this was mirrored by my very own expertise over the previous few years with pure toothpastes and a remineralizing weight-reduction plan.

Pure Toothpaste

I’ve observed particular modifications in my enamel over the previous few years of utilizing this toothpaste. My enamel are whiter than they’ve ever been and everybody who I’ve requested to do this remineralizing toothpaste has remarked that it makes their enamel really feel very clear.

Probably the most stunning change in my enamel, nevertheless, was that they’re now not delicate to chilly! For so long as I can bear in mind, biting into something chilly (and even pondering of it!) made me shudder and damage my entrance enamel. After switching toothpaste, I observed that I may eat chilly meals with out my enamel hurting in any respect. I’ve by no means been ready to do this earlier than!

This toothpaste recipe is kid-approved, and because it has no fluoride, it’s secure on infants, toddlers, and people with thyroid issues.

How to make your own remineralizing toothpaste with natural ingredients


Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe

Make a remineralizing toothpaste with calcium powder, coconut oil, xylitol, baking soda, and important oils.

Writer: Katie Wells


  • 5 elements calcium carbonate (you should utilize cleaned powdered egg shells!)
  • 1 half diatomaceous earth (optionally available, incorporates hint minerals and silica. UPDATE: A reader famous that DE may be abrasive and isn’t wanted with the baking soda, so should you don’t have DE… no worries!)
  • 2 elements baking soda
  • 3 elements xylitol powder (optionally available, helps with style)
  • 3-5 elements coconut oil
  • important oils (resembling mint, cinnamon, orange, and myrrh, optionally available)


  • In a bowl, combine collectively the calcium powder, diatomaceous earth, baking soda, and xylitol.

  • Add the coconut oil one half at a time till the specified consistency is reached.

  • Add any optionally available important oils for taste.

  • Retailer in small container resembling a ½ pint glass jar.

  • To make use of, both dip a clear toothbrush into it, or use a popsicle stick or small spoon to scoop it onto the toothbrush.


For this recipe, “half” denotes no matter unit of measurement you might be utilizing. As an illustration, if half=tablespoon, you would want 5 tablespoons calcium powder, 1 tablespoon diatomaceous earth, and so forth.
Or, skip the recipe and take a look at my Whitening & Remineralizing Toothpaste from Wellnesse!


The Inner Aspect of Remineralization

It’s actually necessary to notice that remineralization isn’t a course of that occurs solely within the mouth and that merely utilizing a toothpaste (just like the one above) with a better focus of minerals won’t probably be sufficient to assist enamel. Remineralization is a whole-body course of and to ensure that it to occur, the physique should have satisfactory ranges of sure vitamins, particularly fat-soluble nutritional vitamins and sure minerals.

Once I was actively engaged on remineralizing my enamel, I targeted on consuming a really particular nutrient-rich weight-reduction plan, lowering mineral binders like phytic acid within the meals I ate, and including different way of life components that boosted nutrient ranges.

You may learn my day by day oral well being routine on this publish.

These further components like consuming sufficient minerals and fat-soluble nutritional vitamins are necessary not solely as a result of they assist the physique as an entire, but in addition as a result of they create extra mineral-rich saliva, which is the physique’s supply system for vital vitamins to the enamel.

How Saliva Advantages Oral Well being

In brief: Saliva is the way in which enamel remineralize!

On a sensible stage, enamel are remineralized by means of the saliva being washed over the enamel. With out correct nutrient ranges within the physique, saliva can even be poor within the minerals enamel want for optimum power. Clearly, we should have adequate diet in our weight-reduction plan with a purpose to have the required minerals current within the saliva to assist remineralization.

The significance of sufficient saliva for the prevention of tooth decay is properly established. There are a number of theories in regards to the origin of tooth decay:

  1. That decay happens as a result of acids from micro organism within the mouth digesting sugars; or
  2. That tooth decay happens when there’s an imbalance between the demineralization of the enamel floor and remineralization produced by the return of mineral ions into enamel (as defined by Rami Nagel in his e-book, Remedy Tooth Decay)

Whichever idea is appropriate, saliva is necessary, because the frequent stimulation of saliva, particularly after the consumption of sugars, will assist to dilute and buffer plaque acid, convey further mineral ions into the plaque fluid and thereby promote remineralization.

Saliva Reduces Micro organism that Trigger Gum Illness and Tooth Decay

Analysis exhibits a transparent relationship between declining saliva manufacturing with age and the elevated threat of gum illness with age. Saliva incorporates an entire host of significant substances for our immune system.

For instance, lactoferrin is one compound naturally present in saliva. Lactoferrin is a part of our innate immune system and is one among our key entrance strains of protection. Lactoferrin binds iron within the mouth depriving the gum-damaging micro organism the iron vital for them to flourish.

Saliva can also be a wealthy supply of vital enzymes. Of the salivary enzymes concerned in sustaining the ecology of the mouth, one of many first to be acknowledged was the enzyme lysozyme, which seems to work by destabilizing the cell wall of micro organism that trigger tooth decay and gum illness.

Saliva Reestablishes Wholesome pH within the Mouth

The mouth has its personal complicated ecology that should be saved in stability for optimum oral well being. This features a bacterial side, the presence of sufficient minerals, and sustaining the right pH. Whereas we will most successfully handle optimizing the pH of the mouth by means of immune supporting protocols like a nutrient dense weight-reduction plan, restful sleep, and wholesome coping instruments for stress, saliva clearly performs a key function within the precise mechanism of creating what the pH of our mouth goes to be at any given time.

How one can Enhance Saliva Manufacturing

The precept “Use it or Lose it” applies when discussing saliva manufacturing. We should train our means to provide saliva or take care of a dry mouth and all of the ails that include decreased saliva manufacturing.

Whereas we naturally produce further saliva when consuming, the additional advantages to our well being of the elevated saliva are offset by the principle job of saliva throughout consuming, to start the digestion course of. Due to this fact, it may be useful to extend saliva manufacturing by means of different strategies, like this:

Step 1: Collect any saliva in your mouth right into a pool in your tongue. Now utilizing the musculature of the throat, draw the saliva forwards and backwards from the again of the tongue to simply behind the entrance enamel then again once more a number of instances (we advocate 30-50 repetitions). With follow, this motion will enhance the quantity of saliva current within the mouth.

Step 2: Upon getting a big pool of saliva in your tongue, give your enamel and gums a shower together with your elevated saliva! We name swishing with saliva “swashing” as a result of it’s like you might be swishing and washing on the identical time. Swash with the elevated saliva for a minute or two then swallow it down and let the saliva now assist larger digestion within the abdomen!

That is such a easy approach even younger kids can do it. This video explains extra:

Utilizing a pure toothpaste can even assist enhance saliva manufacturing. I’ve observed a saliva enhance with this remineralizing toothpaste, and likewise with the OraWellness Brushing Mix.


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Ever made your personal toothpaste? Share your recipe and ideas beneath!

This homemade remineralizing toothpaste uses all natural and safe ingredients to naturally clean teeth and provide necessary minerals to the mouth.

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