Media Fakes First Omicron Dying Story

Ever for the reason that SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant emerged in December 2021, all of the indicators indicated that it was the mildest and least deadly variant but. Not a single loss of life has been attributed to it in South Africa,1 for instance, the place it was initially detected.2

Regardless of that, U.S. well being authorities stored issuing warnings as if Omicron have been the worst risk but. The World Well being Group declared it a “variant of concern,” and nations around the globe responded by reinstating lockdowns and different draconian measures.3

The Omicron Dying That Wasn’t

Then, December 20, 2021, the loss of life of a Houston, Texas, man was labeled an “Omicron variant-related” loss of life,4 and Harris County Choose Lina Hidalgo introduced that “The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has arrived in full pressure,”5 necessitating elevating the county’s COVID-19 risk stage to “Degree-2 Orange.”

As you’ll be able to see within the video above, inside hours, the U.S. press broadly reported that the primary loss of life from the Omicron variant had occurred amid surging COVID instances. Senior contributor to Forbes, Bruce Y. Lee, and MSNBC senior producer Kyle Griffin reported the loss of life as a “reinfection” of “an unvaccinated man who beforehand had COVID-19.”6

“Naturally, this case makes you marvel how a lot safety ‘pure immunity’ will even supply towards the Omicron variant,” Lee wrote. “Necessary notice for the unvaccinated who imagine in ‘pure immunity,’” Griffin tweeted.7

There was just one downside. The person didn’t die “from” Omicron an infection. He died having examined constructive for the Omicron variant. Journalist Dan Cohen confirmed this December 21, 2021, in a cellphone dialog with Martha Marquez, who works with the Harris County Public Well being division. Marquez confirmed that the person died WITH COVID, not from it — superb the distinction one easy phrase makes.

If the person had beforehand recovered from COVID-19, then one wonders whether or not it was a false constructive. The video above, which incorporates Cohen’s recorded cellphone name, illustrates how this singular unverified case was blown out of all proportion and used to refuel waning fears.

Omicron Poses Best Risk to the COVID-Jabbed

Authorities additionally wasted no time to make use of the pretend Omicron loss of life to scare the unvaccinated into getting the jab. Repeatedly, we have been informed that the unvaccinated have been at biggest danger for this new variant, however this too has turned out to be 180 levels from the reality.

Analysis8,9 out of Denmark reveals that in comparison with the Delta variant, Omicron is much extra more likely to infect people who find themselves “totally vaccinated” and boosted than those that are unvaccinated. The research checked out 11,937 Danish households in the course of the month of December 2021.

In all, 2,225 individuals have been recognized as being contaminated with Omicron. Throughout a seven-day follow-up interval, additionally they recognized 6,397 secondary infections. Curiously, an infection with Omicron was extra more likely to end in a secondary an infection than the Delta pressure, and the COVID-jabbed have been much more more likely to get these secondary infections. As reported by the authors:10

“The SAR [secondary attack rate] was 31% and 21% in households with the Omicron and Delta VOC [variant of concern], respectively. We discovered an elevated transmission for unvaccinated people, and a decreased transmission for booster-vaccinated people, in comparison with totally vaccinated people.

Evaluating households contaminated with the Omicron to Delta VOC, we discovered a 1.17 (95%-CI: 0.99-1.38) instances larger SAR for unvaccinated, 2.61 instances (95%-CI: 2.34-2.90) larger for totally vaccinated and three.66 (95%-CI: 2.65-5.05) instances larger for booster-vaccinated people, demonstrating sturdy proof of immune evasiveness of the Omicron VOC.

Our findings verify that the fast unfold of the Omicron VOC primarily will be ascribed to the immune evasiveness reasonably than an inherent enhance within the fundamental transmissibility.”

COVID Photographs Are Merely a Depressing Failure

All of that is simply extra proof that the COVID photographs are an abject failure, and it’s being added to an already lengthy listing of research11 demonstrating their suboptimal efficacy. Under is a sampling of that proof:

The Lancet Infectious Illnesses October 202112 — Totally “vaccinated” people who develop breakthrough infections have a peak viral load much like that of unvaccinated individuals, and effectively transmit the an infection to unvaccinated and “vaccinated” alike in family settings.

The Lancet Preprint13 — Totally “vaccinated” Vietnamese well being care employees who contracted breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 Delta infections had viral hundreds that have been 251 instances larger than these present in instances contaminated with earlier strains. So, the photographs don’t seem to guard towards an infection with the Delta pressure.

A July 31, 2021, medRxiv preprint by Riemersma et. al.14 discovered no distinction in viral hundreds between unvaccinated individuals and people “totally vaccinated” who developed breakthrough infections. In addition they discovered the Delta variant was able to “partial escape from polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.”

Eurosurveillance fast communication, July 202115 — An outbreak of the Delta variant in a hospital in Finland prompt the photographs did little to stop the unfold of an infection, even among the many “vaccinated,” and regardless of routine use of face masks and different protecting tools.

Eurosurveillance fast communication, September 202116 — An upsurge of Delta variant infections in Israel, at a time when greater than 55% of the inhabitants have been “totally vaccinated,” additionally confirmed the COVID photographs have been ineffective towards this variant. The an infection unfold even to those that have been totally jabbed AND wore surgical masks.

The Lancet Preprint, October 202117 — This Swedish research discovered the Pfizer injection’s effectiveness progressively waned from 89% on Days 15 to 30, post-injection, to 42% from Day 181 onward. As of day 211, no safety towards an infection was discernible. Moderna’s shot fared barely higher, waning to 59% as of Day 181. The AstraZeneca injection supplied decrease safety than Pfizer and Moderna from the beginning, and waned quicker, reaching zero by day 121.

BioRxiv September 202118 — Six months after the second Pfizer shot, antibody responses and T cell immunity towards the unique virus and identified variants was discovered to have considerably waned, in lots of instances reaching undetectable ranges.

Journal of An infection August 202119 — When the Delta variant was the reason for the an infection, neutralizing antibodies had decreased affinity for the spike protein, whereas antibodies that worsen an infection had elevated affinity.

The Lancet Infectious Illnesses November 202120 — 26% of sufferers admitted to hospital with confirmed extreme or vital COVID-19 have been “totally vaccinated;” 46% had a constructive COVID take a look at however have been asymptomatic, 7% had gentle an infection and 20% had average sickness. So, amongst those that developed signs of an infection, the bulk ended up with extreme or vital sickness.

medRxiv August 202121 — Folks with no earlier SARS-CoV-2 an infection who bought the Pfizer shot had a 5.96-fold elevated danger for breakthrough an infection and a 7.13-fold elevated danger for symptomatic illness, in comparison with individuals who had pure immunity.

Are We Beginning to See Indicators of ADE?

Over the course of 2020, many revealed research highlighted the danger of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) following the COVID photographs. For instance, one October 28, 2020, paper burdened that:22

“… vaccines designed empirically utilizing the normal method (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralizing antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and regardless of supply methodology, could worsen COVID-19 illness through antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).”

Whereas we’ve not seen conclusive proof of ADE but, there are indicators that time in that course, together with the most recent discovering that the double and triple jabbed have greater than double the speed of secondary infections when contaminated with Omicron. Clearly, their immune methods should not working as effectively as in those that are unvaccinated.

Twenty years of analysis have demonstrated that making a vaccine towards coronaviruses is fraught with danger.23 The truth is, most earlier coronavirus vaccine efforts — for extreme acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), Center East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and related viruses — have ended up triggering ADE.24,25,26,27,28,29

What which means is that, reasonably than improve your immunity towards the an infection, the vaccine truly enhances the virus’ potential to enter and infect your cells, leading to extra extreme illness than had you not been vaccinated.30

The 2014 paper,31 “Antibody-Dependent SARS Coronavirus An infection Is Mediated by Antibodies Towards Spike Proteins,” concluded that monoclonal antibodies generated towards SARS-CoV spike proteins truly promoted an infection, and that general, “antibodies towards SARS-CoV spike proteins could set off ADE results,” thereby elevating “questions relating to a possible SARS-CoV vaccine.”

It’s Time to Cease the Insanity

Masks don’t work. Lockdowns don’t work. Shutting down small companies and faculties don’t work. Social distancing doesn’t work. The COVID photographs don’t work. But with the emergence of Omicron, governments are reimplementing all the identical countermeasures that haven’t labored for the previous two years.

Madness is doing the identical factor over and over, anticipating totally different outcomes. But that’s exactly what’s passing for “science” today. The reply to this insanity is mass-noncompliance. We should peacefully reject these wholly unscientific and dangerous “countermeasures.”

It’s additionally excessive time to just accept the truth that persevering with the booster cycle is silly within the excessive. Clearly, the percentages are solely getting worse for these with two or extra photographs, not higher, and there’s completely no cause to imagine they’ll enhance their possibilities with 4, 5, six or extra booster photographs. It’s all downhill from right here.

Our youths, particularly, have to be shielded from this folly. Already, knowledge32 from the U.Ok. present deaths amongst youngsters elevated 47% since they began getting COVID-19 photographs. COVID-19-associated deaths additionally mysteriously rose amongst 15- to 19-year-olds after the photographs have been rolled out for this age group which, once more, raises the suspicion that ADE could also be at play.

How Can You Reduce the Damaging Results?

Should you now imagine that getting the COVID-19 jab was a mistake and want to reduce your danger for extra extreme sickness down the road, listed here are just a few fundamental methods I might suggest:

1. Please you should definitely measure your vitamin D stage and take sufficient oral vitamin D (usually about 8,000 models/day for many adults) and/or get smart solar publicity to keep up a blood stage between 60 ng/mL and 80 ng/mL (150 to 200 nmol/L).

2. Get rid of all vegetable (seed) oils in your weight-reduction plan, which includes eliminating practically all processed meals and most meals in eating places until you persuade the chef to solely cook dinner with butter. Keep away from sauces and salad dressings, as most are loaded with seed oils.

Additionally keep away from conventionally raised rooster and pork as they’re very excessive in linoleic acid, the omega-6 fats that’s far too excessive in practically everybody and contributes to oxidative stress that causes coronary heart illness.

3. Take into account taking round 500 milligrams/day of NAC, because it helps stop blood clots and is a precursor on your physique to provide the essential antioxidant glutathione.

4. Additionally take into account taking fibrinolytic enzymes comparable to lumbrokinase and serrapeptase. When taken on an empty abdomen, away from meals, they work systemically to stop and dissolve blood clots. The dose is often two capsules twice a day, both an hour earlier than or two hours after a meal.

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