Meet the Human Battery, a New Supply of "Inexperienced" Power

This story is about one thing actually creepy and disgusting. It’s about routinely utilizing folks as batteries to energy units.

What involves my thoughts is the prospect of an ironic ending to the well-known depiction of evolution, the one the place the neanderthal progressively turns right into a straight-walking fashionable man, and so on. It seems to be like if our self-appointed world managers with eugenicist tendencies get their manner, the following section of human evolution could possibly be a battery!

A organic battery powering the digitized system of domination! Not a metaphorical battery the place the masters get to syphon off folks’s life vitality and switch it into income — however a literal battery!

The idea of Human Battery places the transhumanist slogan about the necessity to merge with machines — or be left behind within the evolution of the human species — in a sinister context. (Not that the slogan wanted any further context to sound like eugenics. Significantly who’re you, Mr. Transhumanist, to think about your self accountable for human evolution? Who appointed you?) However right here is the context: What if “being left behind” means being was batteries?

Come, come, ineffective eater, cease being so ineffective! Put your physique to work, ineffective eater, antivaxxer, grandma killer, planet killer! We now have many helpful machines to feed in our Fourth Industrial Revolution! Come, come, ineffective eater!

Now, an essential philosophical distinction: My indignation is over the scope and the intention of their proposal. If this have been merely a few neat little invention, a helpful little emergency gadget that means that you can cost your telephone out of your physique if you end up caught in the course of nowhere, and your telephone has simply died — effective, that may be affordable!

If it have been merely in regards to the existence of an emergency gadget that we may use as soon as in a blue moon, on our phrases, when wanted, it wouldn’t be an issue. However within the life like world we live in, that is going the way in which of the Matrix! Human batteries are a really “neat” foray into the twisted world of “human capital” and “affect funding,” to not point out good ol’ vitality harvesting! To cite my 2020 article in regards to the “Nice Reset for Dummies:”

“Let’s speak about “human capital.” Within the new world, “human capital” isn’t just a metaphor for HR or labor. Microsoft, for instance, has a patent for a way of reworking human habits into cryptocurrency, which is completed via an unspecified gadget coupled with a server that registers physique exercise and “mines” crypto.

Since below the New Regular, digital and crypto are speculated to turn out to be mainstream, this seems to be suspiciously like a software that can be utilized each to tightly management the habits of the poor who could rely upon this for earnings — and to actually mine the our bodies of in any other case “ineffective” welfare dependents / UBI recipients for vitality.”

“Moreover, this patent may probably be used to create a brand new monetary instrument as a result of, if mined for vitality, these folks turn out to be “belongings” that might probably be bunched collectively into digital portfolios and nearly traded. See how neat?

Now, we’re speaking correct serfdom! And sure, this sounds very sci-fi however let’s not overlook how some billionaire “visionaries” assume — not like regular folks, or else the employees at Amazon warehouses wouldn’t be carrying diapers to skip rest room breaks. Additionally let’s not overlook that at present, there’s buying and selling of very theoretical gadgets in addition to betting on climate.”

I imply, we shouldn’t be stunned by the intention to abuse us, that is how our civilization has been functioning for a very long time. Nevertheless it doesn’t make our ache at present any much less!

Make Feudalism Nice Once more

Of their intelligent and “prophetic” 2015 article, the World Financial Discussion board “repackages” what sounds a bit like feudalism and makes it sound like a enjoyable exercise for the peasants. (It’s straightforward to be prophetic while you maintain the coverage makers by the balls! Oops, I mentioned the quiet half out loud, sorry.)

ways to turn human power into energy

Through tough language, the WEF narrative transforms our primary human existence and the issues we do on daily basis as glad, yokeless folks, for our pleasure and on our personal volition — in different phrases as ineffective eaters — into probably helpful energy-generating actions, that firms, the bureaucrats, and the wealthy buyers can exploit.

They subtly reframe the conventional issues that we do for ourselves — within the method of “none of your Davos enterprise” — as “human vitality powered actions,” an financial space that they will then parasitically faucet into (first, with their light pinkie, after which with their complete military of bulldozers). Right here’s from the horse’s mouth:

“Human energy was all the fad. 150 years in the past [roughly around the time when slavery and serfdom were abolished in both of my homelands, America and Russia?], merchandise that relied on human vitality such because the bicycle, pedal-powered lathe or stitching machine could possibly be present in most households [a great exaggeration about the availability of bicycles, but fine]. However as electro-mechanical motors developed, reliance on human-powered merchandise progressively diminished.”

“In the present day, human energy isn’t appropriately recognised for its potential as a substitute answer to our rising vitality wants. Certainly, as we seek for extra renewable vitality sources, is it potential to desert utilizing conventional electrical energy for sure duties and return to human energy? [yay, feudalism!]

The way in which that an increasing number of merchandise have gotten digital and even internet-connected makes this a problem. However people emit vitality that may simply be harnessed from our on a regular basis behaviour.”

And here’s a candy incentive: “Human-powered merchandise even have the potential to encourage us to turn out to be extra bodily lively … Utilizing human-powered merchandise as a countermeasure to our more and more sedentary life may create a reputable new perspective in the direction of train as a substitute vitality supply.

In some respects, human-power might be seen because the cleanest renewable vitality supply out there, with nice potential for serving to folks keep wholesome and have enjoyable.” [Awwww, how about introducing a Ministry of Fun? A human-energy-powered Ministry of Fun? Just a thought.]

“Parasitic Harvesting”

The article then talks a few idea, appropriately referred to as, “parasitic harvesting”: “Producing energy from folks’s regular actions resembling strolling is called parasitic harvesting. One instance of this in motion is … a handheld tube-shaped gadget that clips to your belt and backpack and generates electrical energy as you progress round, utilizing a magnet weight, spring, and inductive coil.” 

What an amazing concept! Given how delicate our mobile processes are, and the way electromagnetic frequencies are such an essential language for our our bodies, it makes a lot sense to stroll round with a magnet and inductive coils on our physique, whereas additionally bathing within the electromagnetic soup from the 5G towers and digital units!

Sadly, it appears like they’ve misplaced their marbles. Both that or, like several literal or metaphorical slave house owners, they solely care about our well-being to the extent that our well-being impacts their income.

Oh, and so they say, we will energy our wearables. Effectively, do we actually want our wearables that badly? At that value? Perhaps not? And it could possibly be true that in uncommon events, folks may have medical implants or wearables — however are our aspiring masters relying on everybody being sick and needing a medical implant or wearable?

Are they planning to make everybody so sick that we’ll all want mothership-reporting medical wearables to maintain us alive? Oh … and … sorry … a grandma killer query … what occurred to our “enjoyable” and “wholesome” bodily exercise in the course of the lockdown?

“New Wearable Gadget Turns the Physique Right into a Battery”

And here’s a neat little video from 2021, accompanied by a touching, inspirational soundtrack:

The article, titled, “New wearable gadget turns the physique right into a battery” explains the invention additional:

“Researchers at CU Boulder have developed a brand new, low-cost wearable gadget that transforms the human physique right into a organic battery. The gadget, described at present within the journal Science Advances, is stretchy sufficient which you could put on it like a hoop, a bracelet or every other accent that touches your pores and skin. It additionally faucets into an individual’s pure warmth — using thermoelectric turbines to transform the physique’s inner temperature into electrical energy.”

Kinetic Power Harvesting to Monitor Individuals’s Transportation Mode

In line with IEEE Digital Library, “not solely can wearable units use vibration vitality to cost their very own batteries, however they may sooner or later have a big effect on our communities.”

“That’s the conclusion reached by a bunch of worldwide researchers experimenting with kinetic vitality harvesting. The group – comprised of researchers from the College of New South Wales and the College of Queensland – sees potential to make use of the strategy as a priceless software for issues like city planning and improvement by detecting folks’s modes of transportation [emphasis mine].”

Transportation mode detection [emphasis mine] is essential to our communities,” says Sara Khalifa, researcher from Data61|CSIRO, Australia.

“It permits researchers to constantly and reliably gather info on people’ touring habits [emphasis mine] to tell city design, real-time journey planning, human exercise monitoring [emphasis mine], CO2 emissions, focused promoting and extra.” In different phrases, we’ll pay for our personal surveillance and monitoring! Now, that’s enjoyable!

From Physique Exercise to Crypto

Talking of paying, let’s please revisit the Microsoft patent: Right here is the abstract:

“Human physique exercise related to a activity offered to a person could also be utilized in a mining strategy of a cryptocurrency system. A server could present a activity to a tool of a person which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised within the gadget of the person could sense physique exercise of the person. Physique exercise information could also be generated based mostly on the sensed physique exercise of the person.

The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the gadget of the person could confirm if the physique exercise information satisfies a number of circumstances set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the person whose physique exercise information is verified.”

cryptocurrency system

Right here’s extra element:

“A digital foreign money (also referred to as a digital foreign money) is a medium of trade applied via the Web usually, not tied to a particular government-backed “flat” (printed) foreign money such because the U.S. greenback or the Euro, and usually designed to permit instantaneous transactions and borderless switch of possession.

One instance of digital foreign money is cryptocurrency, whereby cryptography is used to safe transactions and to manage the creation of latest items …”

“A mind wave or physique warmth emitted from the person when the person performs the duty offered by an info or service supplier, resembling viewing commercial or utilizing sure web providers, can be utilized within the mining course of.

As an alternative of huge computation work required by some typical cryptocurrency programs, information generated based mostly on the physique exercise of the person generally is a proof-of-work, and subsequently, a person can clear up the computationally troublesome downside unconsciously. Accordingly, sure exemplary embodiments of the current disclosure could scale back computational vitality for the mining course of in addition to make the mining course of sooner.”

By the way in which, the phrase “mining” could be very acceptable right here. Isn’t it the mechanism that turns vibrant land into wasteland? And can our grasp care when it occurs to our our bodies?

An Elephant in a China Store?

For residing beings, electrical energy is an important language that our our bodies use for inner and exterior communications, and for a lot of essential capabilities. Tons been mentioned and written about it however maybe “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg is a superb place to begin.

Trendy scientists are infants with regards to understanding the subtleties of our our bodies and our interplay with the world. Why do they assume that the vitality that our physique emits is a “waste”? How do they comprehend it’s a waste? How do they know that’s serves no objective? Is there such a factor in nature as “waste”?

Oh and the way lengthy till we’re instructed to maintain ourselves in form to be environment friendly batteries for our feudal masters?

The New Face of the Outdated Domination System

In line with the WEF viewpoint, we’re not simply residing our lives. We produce and spend vitality. We don’t simply go about our day and do varied issues as a result of we wish to do them. We transfer round as energy turbines, as human machines, on a large conveyor. We have to be environment friendly.

They, the hungry messengers of the spirit of domination, are irritated with each second and each inch of our free and impartial existence! And naturally they’ve been irritated with it for hundreds of years — and all through the centuries, they’ve being abusing completely different teams of individuals, with the identical existential cruelty, attempting to place folks to make use of, with none respect for the spirit. Our impartial existence is their misplaced income! How dare we!

They don’t wish to depart any room for our unmonetized, unmonitored freedom. These persons are psychological. They’re pathetic, anxious, grasping, sorry, mechanical zombies. On the root of it, they don’t seem to be even scary, simply pathetic (though they’re able to creating nice carnage, and that’s the scary half about their non secular sickness).

I’m not offended, anger isn’t productive. However I’m absolutely appalled! Their plight is in defiance of how we as human beings are supposed to reside, in concord with the spirit, with nature, and with one another. They’ve actually misplaced their marbles someplace down the street! They’re out of their minds, these messengers of the ghost of domination!

The duty that we’re is difficult and humbling. I believe that they’re existentially allowed to briefly mess with us in order that we do not forget that the system of domination was by no means proper. It was not proper a thousand years in the past, it was not proper 5 hundred years in the past, and it’s not proper at present. In the present day, we really feel it with our personal souls and our personal flesh actually badly — and it was by no means proper.

And it’s time to do not forget that we’re the kids of spirit and Earth, similar to many who got here earlier than us and confronted the Machine. I, for one, am disgusted with the psychopaths however I’m not afraid as a result of we’re love, and the place there’s love, there are not any human batteries and no worry.

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