Omicron Variant and Vaccine Resistance

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The inevitable is now right here. One other SARS-CoV-2 variant dubbed Omicron has reportedly arisen in absolutely “vaccinated” sufferers in Botswana.1 Handfuls of circumstances have additionally emerged in different areas of the world. Judging by the doomsday headlines2 and authorities imposed lockdowns and border closings, the technocratic elite would love everybody to panic about this one.

In response, Japan, Israel and Morocco instantly closed their borders to all international vacationers. The U.S., the U.Ok., Canada and the European Union banned vacationers from southern Africa particularly. Australia delayed its reopening plans and China introduced a “zero-tolerance strategy” to the brand new variant.3 However is the worry justified? Most likely not.

Whereas the Omicron variant seems to unfold extra quickly than earlier mutations, and impacts individuals youthful than 40 to a better diploma than earlier than, there’s no proof that it has a better lethality. Quite the opposite, it might truly be milder.

That appears to be the opinion of Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Affiliation, who found the Omicron variant, who in a latest interview (see video above) mentioned:4

“Trying on the mildness of the signs that we’re seeing — apparently, there’s no motive for panicking as we don’t see severely unwell sufferers… Probably the most predominant grievance is extreme fatigue for one or two days, with headache, physique aches and ache.

Some can have a scratchy throat and a few can have a dry cough [that] comes and goes. These are kind of the large signs we now have seen.”

Viruses Usually Mutate Into Much less Harmful Variants

This all is smart, primarily based on what we already learn about viruses. As reported by Paul Elias Alexander, Ph.D., with the Brownstone Institute:5

“The WHO has mentioned the Omicron variant can unfold extra rapidly than different variants. Probably true. The virus is behaving similar to how viruses behave.

They’re mutable and mutate, and by way of the Muller’s ratchet idea, we count on these to be milder and milder mutations, no more deadly ones given the pathogen seeks to contaminate the host and never arrive at an evolutionary useless finish.

The virus will mutate downward in order that it will probably use the host (us) to propagate itself by way of our mobile metabolic equipment. The Delta variant has proven us this: It is vitally infectious and largely non-lethal — specifically for youngsters and wholesome individuals …

[T]right here is not any reporting of elevated virulence/lethality of this new Omicron variant, and it will stay the case primarily based on what we’ve seen from Delta and prior variants. There aren’t any ensures, however we function primarily based on danger and all issues level to the identical for this new variant.

Simply because there may be a wave in South Africa doesn’t imply there might be waves within the U.S. or Israel or different locations with better pure immunity. This was the prize of letting individuals take pleasure in day-to-day dwelling.

The nations which have ended lockdowns are prone to transfer previous this new variant scare, and be fantastic. That is extra of an overreaction by the WHO and governments and far ado about nothing.”

Is a New Spherical of COVID Pictures the Reply?

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Whereas the mass vaccination marketing campaign seems to be driving the speedy mutation of the virus, governments all over the world proceed to double down on this failed technique. Extra photographs are the reply, they are saying.

Nationwide Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Illnesses (NIAID) director Dr. Anthony Fauci has acknowledged Omicron would possibly evade each monoclonal antibodies and COVID shot-induced antibodies.6 Sticking to the identical script, Nationwide Institutes of Well being director Dr. Francis Collins just lately advised Fox Information viewers:7

“Please, Individuals, for those who’re a type of of us who’s type of ready to see, this is able to be a good time to enroll, get your booster. Or for those who haven’t been vaccinated already, get began.”

It’s befuddling, contemplating the photographs don’t defend towards an infection or unfold, and the truth that Omicron apparently emerged in absolutely “vaccinated” sufferers.8 What’s extra, if the Omicron variant truly evades COVID shot-induced antibodies, what’s the purpose of getting it?

A vaccine-evading variant is obvious proof that mass vaccination is fueling extra problematic mutations, so the suggestions merely don’t jibe with the out there knowledge.

COVID Pictures Are a Failure

In his article, Alexander highlights a protracted listing of research displaying the COVID photographs have suboptimal efficacy, together with the next:9

The Lancet Infectious Illnesses October 202110 — Totally “vaccinated” people who develop breakthrough infections have a peak viral load much like that of unvaccinated individuals, and effectively transmit the an infection to unvaccinated and “vaccinated” alike in family settings.

The Lancet Preprint11 — Totally “vaccinated” Vietnamese well being care employees who contracted breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 Delta infections had viral masses that had been 251 instances greater than these present in circumstances contaminated with earlier strains. So, the photographs don’t seem to guard towards an infection with the Delta pressure.

A July 31, 2021, medRxiv preprint by Riemersma et. al.12 discovered no distinction in viral masses between unvaccinated individuals and people “absolutely vaccinated” who developed breakthrough infections. Additionally they discovered the Delta variant was able to “partial escape from polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.”

Eurosurveillance speedy communication, July 202113 — An outbreak of the Delta variant in a hospital in Finland urged the photographs did little to forestall the unfold of an infection, even among the many “vaccinated,” and regardless of routine use of face masks and different protecting tools.

Eurosurveillance speedy communication, September 202114 — An upsurge of Delta variant infections in Israel, at a time when greater than 55% of the inhabitants had been “absolutely vaccinated,” additionally confirmed the COVID photographs had been ineffective towards this variant. The an infection unfold even to those that had been absolutely jabbed AND wore surgical masks.

The Lancet Preprint, October 202115 — This Swedish research discovered the Pfizer injection’s effectiveness progressively waned from 89% on Days 15 to 30, post-injection, to 42% from Day 181 onward. As of day 211, no safety towards an infection was discernible. Moderna’s shot fared barely higher, waning to 59% as of Day 181. The AstraZeneca injection provided decrease safety than Pfizer and Moderna from the beginning, and waned quicker, reaching zero by day 121.

BioRxiv September 202116 — Six months after the second Pfizer shot, antibody responses and T cell immunity towards the unique virus and recognized variants was discovered to have considerably waned, in lots of circumstances reaching undetectable ranges.

Journal of An infection August 202117 — When the Delta variant was the reason for the an infection, neutralizing antibodies had decreased affinity for the spike protein, whereas antibodies that worsen an infection had elevated affinity.

The Lancet Infectious Illnesses November 202118 — 26% of sufferers admitted to hospital with confirmed extreme or essential COVID-19 had been “absolutely vaccinated;” 46% had a optimistic COVID check however had been asymptomatic, 7% had gentle an infection and 20% had average sickness. So, amongst those that developed signs of an infection, the bulk ended up with extreme or essential sickness.

medRxiv August 202119 — Folks with no earlier SARS-CoV-2 an infection who acquired the Pfizer shot had a 5.96-fold elevated danger for breakthrough an infection and a 7.13-fold elevated danger for symptomatic illness, in comparison with individuals who had pure immunity.

Can COVID-19 Injections Promote ADE?

Over the course of 2020, many revealed research highlighted the chance of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) following the COVID photographs. For instance, one October 28, 2020, paper pressured that:20

“… vaccines designed empirically utilizing the standard strategy (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralizing antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and no matter supply methodology, might worsen COVID-19 illness by way of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).”

Whereas we’ve not seen conclusive proof of ADE but, there are indicators that time in that course. Twenty years of analysis have demonstrated that making a vaccine towards coronaviruses is fraught with danger.21 The truth is, most earlier coronavirus vaccine efforts — for extreme acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), Center East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and comparable viruses — have ended up triggering ADE.22,23,24,25,26,27

What which means is that, moderately than improve your immunity towards the an infection, the vaccine truly enhances the virus’ capability to enter and infect your cells, leading to extra extreme illness than had you not been vaccinated.28 The 2003 overview paper “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Virus An infection and Illness” explains it this fashion:29

“On the whole, virus-specific antibodies are thought-about antiviral and play an necessary function within the management of virus infections in quite a lot of methods. Nevertheless, in some situations, the presence of particular antibodies might be helpful to the virus. This exercise is named antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of virus an infection.

The ADE of virus an infection is a phenomenon through which virus-specific antibodies improve the entry of virus, and in some circumstances the replication of virus, into monocytes/macrophages and granulocytic cells by means of interplay with Fc and/or complement receptors.

This phenomenon has been reported in vitro and in vivo for viruses representing quite a few households and genera of public well being and veterinary significance.

These viruses share some frequent options equivalent to preferential replication in macrophages, capability to ascertain persistence, and antigenic range. For some viruses, ADE of an infection has change into an incredible concern to illness management by vaccination.”

The 2014 paper,30 “Antibody-Dependent SARS Coronavirus An infection Is Mediated by Antibodies In opposition to Spike Proteins,” concluded that monoclonal antibodies generated towards SARS-CoV spike proteins truly promoted an infection, and that general, “antibodies towards SARS-CoV spike proteins might set off ADE results,” thereby elevating “questions concerning a possible SARS-CoV vaccine.”

To date, all Omicron circumstances have been comparatively gentle, however ought to it prove that absolutely “vaccinated” individuals are growing extreme illness whereas the unvaccinated don’t, then that might be a sign that ADE is at play.

SARS Vaccine Proven to Trigger ADE

An fascinating 2012 paper31 with the telling title, “Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Results in Pulmonary Immunopathology on Problem with the SARS Virus,” demonstrates what many researchers now worry, specifically that COVID-19 vaccines might find yourself making individuals extra liable to extreme SARS-CoV-2 an infection.

The paper critiques experiments displaying immunization with a wide range of SARS vaccines resulted in pulmonary immunopathology as soon as challenged with the SARS virus. As famous by the authors:32

“Inactivated complete virus vaccines whether or not inactivated with formalin or beta propiolactone and whether or not given with our with out alum adjuvant exhibited a Th2-type immunopathologic in lungs after problem.

As indicated, two studies attributed the immunopathology to presence of the N protein within the vaccine; nonetheless, we discovered the identical immunopathologic response in animals given S protein vaccine solely, though it seemed to be of lesser depth.

Thus, a Th2-type immunopathologic response on problem of vaccinated animals has occurred in three of 4 animal fashions (not in hamsters) together with two totally different inbred mouse strains with 4 several types of SARS-CoV vaccines with and with out alum adjuvant. An inactivated vaccine preparation that doesn’t induce this end in mice, ferrets and nonhuman primates has not been reported.

This mixed expertise supplies concern for trials with SARS-CoV vaccines in people. Scientific trials with SARS coronavirus vaccines have been carried out and reported to induce antibody responses and to be ‘‘protected.” Nevertheless, the proof for security is for a brief interval of commentary.

The priority arising from the current report is for an immunopathologic response occurring amongst vaccinated people on publicity to infectious SARS-CoV, the premise for growing a vaccine for SARS.

Extra security issues relate to effectiveness and security towards antigenic variants of SARS-CoV and for security of vaccinated individuals uncovered to different coronaviruses, notably these of the sort 2 group.”

Larger Vaccination Charges, Larger An infection Charges

One pattern that might be indicative of ADE is the truth that areas with greater vaccination charges have greater an infection charges. If the photographs prevented an infection, it might be the other. The Waterford district in Eire, for instance, has a 99.7% vaccination fee, the very best within the nation, but in addition has the very best every day COVID case load.33

And, for some motive, the U.S. COVID mortality fee is greater in 2021 than it was in 2020,34 earlier than the rollout of the photographs, so clearly, they’re not serving to issues. As famous by Alexander in his Brownstone article:35

“[G]overnments requested us for 2 weeks to flatten the curve to assist put together hospitals in order that they’ll are inclined to surges and different non-COVID diseases. We as societies gave our governments two weeks, not 21 months.

They did not are inclined to the non-COVID diseases, and we locked down the wholesome and effectively (kids and younger and center aged wholesome individuals) whereas failing to correctly defend the weak and high-risk individuals such because the aged … This failure rests on public well being messaging and authorities.

Moreover, what did our governments within the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and so forth. do with the tax cash for the hospitals and private protecting tools (PPE), and so forth.? Hospitals should be ready by now. Governments have failed! Not the individuals. The duty forces have failed, not the individuals.”

Masks don’t work. Lockdowns don’t work. Shutting down small companies and faculties don’t work. The COVID photographs don’t work. But with the emergence of Omicron, governments are reimplementing the entire similar countermeasures that haven’t labored for the previous two years.

Madness is doing the identical factor over and over, anticipating totally different outcomes. But that’s what’s passing for “science” lately. The reply to this insanity is mass-noncompliance. We should peacefully reject these wholly unscientific and dangerous “cures.”

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