Planet Lockdown Half 2 — The Monetary Management System

The “Planet Lockdown Half 2” interview above options finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts, founding father of the Solari Report. (To get a style of what you’ll discover within the Solaris Report, you possibly can obtain this earlier 2020 challenge.) You a lot assume you beforehand noticed this however most probably it was Half 1.

Fitts has spent many years exposing corruption and fraud, each inside the banking trade and authorities, and corruption and fraud are driving forces within the COVID pandemic as nicely. She acquired her begin on Wall Avenue, the place she had a profitable profession for over a decade.

In 1989, she turned the assistant secretary of Housing and City Improvement beneath the Bush administration. After 18 months, she resigned, however whereas there, she found how know-how may make the financing of neighborhoods extra productive.

“Authorities cash was destroying neighborhoods, not serving to them,” she says, however non-public entrepreneurs may take this new know-how and finance privately. To that finish, Fitts began an funding financial institution and dealer seller named Hamilton Securities Group.

A few years later, they have been employed by the federal housing administration to be the lead monetary adviser, which gave Fitts entry to “extremely wealthy databases about how the actual property, land and plenty of the mortgage financing and residential constructing works in America’s 3,100 counties.” Fitts continues:

“Then I entered a interval the place I litigated with the federal authorities for 11 years. The Division of Justice seized all of the databases and all of the software program instruments, and I litigated with the federal authorities. That is [what] compelled me to essentially dive into how the management programs have been working.

Once I was in Wall Avenue, I noticed how the monetary management programs labored, however since a lot is rigged via the central financial institution and thru authorities, it gave me an opportunity to essentially see how authorities labored on the covert aspect, and the way that associated to Wall Avenue and Washington.”

Our Retirement Funds Have Been Looted

In 1998, trillions of {dollars} began to get sucked out of the U.S. authorities, Fitts says. In essence, it was “a coup d’etat by monetary means.” She realized then the extent to which our authorities was siphoning — stealing — the cash. “They have been stealing everyone’s retirement,” Fitts says.

“All people’s going to retire in 20 or 30 years, however they have been going to steal the cash up entrance. So, by the point we acquired to the place we at the moment are, the cash could be gone and so they may flip to everyone and say, ‘Effectively, we will not actually afford your retirement.’”

On Wall Avenue, you’ve markets and financial coverage run by the central banks, after which you’ve the citizens, which influences fiscal coverage and the federal government. So, it’s a twin pillar system. Markets are managed centrally. So, central banks, which management financial coverage, can merely print cash, and the navy then makes certain the cash is taken up, which retains every thing liquid. Fitts explains:

“The financial equation is: Are you able to earn more money from printing than you must spend on the navy and making the system go? I will provide you with an instance. Within the Nineteen Eighties, we had a interval of super financial enlargement. Within the final yr of the last decade, in ‘89, there was an enormous battle within the Doolan partnership [Furey, Doolan & Abell LLP] about how a lot cash needs to be paid to the merchants for bonuses.

I had a beautiful companion who did a research, exhibiting that … if as a substitute of getting merchants within the seats, we might had chimpanzees, we’d’ve made extra money. It was very fascinating since you’d exit to the Hamptons on the weekends and also you’d … hear everyone speaking about making incredible quantities of cash as a result of they have been sensible and geniuses and good and intelligent.

But it surely wasn’t [because of their smarts]. It was simply merely the financial coverage floating the boats … A whole lot of the cash comes from financial warfare. So, [when] you pump up the greenback, you are shifting cash out of the U.S. authorities. As we’re coming via this massive change of globalization, you mortgage huge quantities of {dollars}.

After which swiftly you pull all of the loans. You throw them right into a dead-end entice. You pull the cash after which they get a crash. Now your greenback is excessive. So, you go and purchase up every thing on a budget.

The governance construction that existed earlier than the monetary coup was mainly: You have got the central banks working financial coverage, after which you’ve the sovereign authorities working fiscal coverage. The residents pay taxes to the sovereign authorities, and so they elect representatives who’ve one thing say about how that fiscal cash will get [divided] up.

Then you’ve non-public central bankers and personal pursuits who management financial coverage and are comparatively unbiased of the fiscal. What we’ve seen [is that] … the much less the federal government has info sovereignty and monetary sovereignty, the extra dependent it’s on the central bankers.

So, as the federal government have levered up with debt and misplaced their informational and monetary sovereignty — a part of that is what’s occurred with digital know-how — the central bankers have gotten an increasing number of highly effective.

Since fiscal [year] 1998, we have had what I name the monetary coup d’etat. So, in the US, as much as $100 trillion have been moved out. Dr. Skidmore and I did a research, and as of 2015, the quantity was $21 trillion …

At that actual time, we had $20 trillion of debt. So, there was extra money disappearing than there was debt. [So, they were taking that] cash out. That is the monetary coup. Now that the cash is out, you possibly can collapse the federal government.”

Why Central Bankers Are Deliberately Collapsing Authorities

Importantly, Fitts stresses that authorities doesn’t have the ability to make unlawful transactions. The central banks — that are privately owned — have to be concerned to ensure that that to happen. The non-public banks “are doing it for them,” Fitts explains.

“So, we’ve now reached the purpose the place the central banks are shifting in and mainly taking management of fiscal coverage as nicely,” she says. “And this is the reason there’s such a giant debate about election fraud.

Basically the pc programs are controls for the elections, and basically, the residents or taxpayers have misplaced any say. In the event you have a look at polls during the last 10 years, the residents need the nation to go to the suitable, and Congress votes to go to the left. That is as a result of more and more these individuals are managed and depending on what the central bankers need.

There’s a fantastic interview that Chuck Schumer, the senator from New York did firstly of the Trump administration, the place he mainly mentioned that if Trump thinks he’ll contradict or defy the CIA, he’s dreaming; they’ve 50 methods from Sunday to get you. And historically, when you have a look at the U.S. intelligence companies, they mainly labored for the central bankers.

So, what’s taking place is we’re watching a reengineering of this fiscal line. You’re mainly wanting on the central bankers shifting to place into place a system that can enable them to extract tax with out illustration. That is the trick, financially. How do you drive the residents to pay taxes with no illustration?

After all, they’re utilizing the pandemic to roll within the system that can make it doable for them to realize that. Naomi Wolf has performed an excellent job of describing this, and he or she mentioned, ‘Vaccine passports are the tip of human liberty within the west.’

She’s proper, as a result of finally, what it will evolve into is a monetary transaction system the place, when you do not behave, the central banks can take cash proper out of your account. They’ll cease you from transacting.”

An instance Fitts offers is, say the central bankers (learn totalitarian rulers of the entire world) don’t need you to have the ability to journey. They need you to remain put the place you’re. They’ll simply accomplish this, on this deliberate system, by programming your electrical automobile such that it can’t function previous that five-mile boundary line.

They may even have full management over the perform of cash on this system, which means they will determine what you’re allowed to spend your cash on. They may determine they don’t need you to have contemporary meals, so you possibly can solely use the central financial institution digital forex for processed meals.

We’ve Been Lured to Create Our Personal Jail

The central bankers are nothing if not intelligent on the subject of prototyping. They don’t do something with out first working many checks to see what is going to work finest. However they don’t simply rent prime specialists. No, as a substitute, they persuade the highest builders that they will make a ton of cash by growing these prototypes. They make it enjoyable and progressive, permitting expert individuals to provide you with the concepts.

As soon as a profitable prototype has been recognized, they then construct their very own model of that. Within the case of cryptocurrencies, their model is a central financial institution digital forex beneath centralized management. One other a part of the whole system is the good grid, which was prototyped, developed and rolled out in recent times. The good grid is, after all, a requirement for the surveillance equipment that’s on the coronary heart of all of it.

Whereas all of these items, cryptocurrencies, the good grid, synthetic intelligence applied sciences and the like, are marketed as a method to make us all freer, the meant result’s a world jail system the place nobody is free. The excellent news right here is that they need to get the final inhabitants to construct their very own prisons. The reply then, is that when you see the way it’s performed, you possibly can simply cease. Cease constructing the jail partitions. Cease constructing and contributing to the surveillance grid.

This might imply quitting your job when you work for a corporation that’s concerned in growing and constructing applied sciences meant for this management grid. However even when you don’t truly carry out work that helps construct it, you’re nonetheless collaborating within the management grid construction by utilizing surveillance instruments like Fb and Google.

By permitting good meters to be put in in your house, by shopping for and utilizing AI-based applied sciences and “good” applied sciences, by permitting GPS monitoring in your cellphone and so forth. In the event you don’t need to contribute to constructing this world jail, you must truly take motion and alter how and who you do enterprise with.

“In the event you have a look at plenty of the monetary fraud during the last 20 years in the US, the chief of that monetary fraud in lots of instances was JP Morgan Chase. But statistics present that fifty% of Individuals financial institution or have bank cards or different relationships with JP Morgan Chase.

In 1998, after I first realized what was taking place with the mortgage fraud and JP Morgan Chase was on the coronary heart of it, I used to be writing a examine on a JP Morgan Chase banking account. And I mentioned, ‘Why am I banking [with JP Morgan]? Why am I permitting my funds for use as deposits to engineer monetary fraud? I’ve acquired to come back clear.’

Overlook about protesting. If tomorrow, everyone wakened and mentioned, ‘You realize, I am not going to financial institution with the New York fed member banks,’ the change could be dramatic, as a result of when you have a look at the place we’re banking and who we’re working for and who we’re associating with, we’re serving to them do that.

Keep in mind that is an all-digital system. One facet of that is forex, however the different is a one-way mirror the place you’ve 24/7 surveillance and information. So not solely can I watch you 24/7 and accumulate information out of your physique, out of your thoughts, out of your actions, however then I can cease you from shifting round spatially, or I can flip off your means to transact.”

The Management System and Transaction System Are One

As famous by Fitts, the system being constructed is each a management system and a transaction system. The transaction system, nevertheless, is just not primarily based on what we contemplate an actual forex. It’s truly the tip of currencies, as a result of on this system, you possibly can by no means take the forex out of the financial institution and put it in your pocket. You may solely conduct transactions which might be validated and authorized via and by the central financial institution.

Keep in mind, the 24/7 surveillance system “can actually get the human race to be linked to the cloud, to the AI, the software program and the robots,” Fitts says. “We’re speaking about connecting the human race to a cloud the place they educate the AI, the software program and the robots, the way to do their jobs.” Briefly, we’re actively engineering a future the place we, people, have been largely eradicated from the office.

Those that stay shall be built-in with robotics. “In different phrases, whether or not I’ve a human do this job, or whether or not I’ve a robotic do this job, I can handle them in the identical system if I can have all of them hooked as much as the cloud and speaking with one another.”

Mainly, what we’re taking a look at is transhumanism, and we’re fairly actually dehumanizing ourselves. This technique may even get rid of markets, as a result of what we consider as markets shall be micromanaged and optimized via synthetic intelligence and software program.

What Do You Need?

Realizing this, the choices change into moderately easy. As famous by Fitts, we are able to have a human civilization, or we are able to have an inhuman civilization. We are able to have a monetary system the place non-public monopoly controls the printing of cash, or we are able to have a decentralized system.

I agree with Fitts, who states that the world she desires to reside in is the place the monetary printing press has been decentralized, and the place we’re dedicated to human civilization — not a transhumanist one run by technocrats. As loopy as this transhuman technocratic future might sound to the on a regular basis individual, it’s clear the technocrats consider their system can work.

“I believe they consider it could possibly work due to the one-way mirror,” Fitts says. “[Let’s say] you’ve a one-way yr the place you’ve 100% entry to the information, 24/7, of all of the individuals on this aspect of the mirror.

Keep in mind, when you engineer all this secret cash in taxation with out illustration, they [the people] cannot see behind the mirror. The factor that punches a gap within the mirror is transparency about authorities cash, and no taxation with out illustration.”

Making a Breakaway Civilization

Because of this the central financial institution takeover of the sovereign governments is so essential, as a result of this takeover permits them to create a system by which the 2 sides of the mirror are two fully separate civilizations. These behind the mirror — you and I — can’t see what the technocrats are doing on the opposite aspect, whereas they will see each last item we do and say. “You are actually speaking a few parallel universe,” Fitts says.

These behind the mirror, the technocratic rulers, don’t obey any legislation that applies to these of us on the opposite aspect of the mirror. They don’t seem to be topic to the legislation. They’ve full immunity from prosecution.

“They’ll have interaction in systematic violation of what you and I consider because the legislation, with impunity,” Fitts says. “And when you have a look at how a lot cash has been moved out within the monetary coup, they will actually change into a parallel civilization.”

They’re Making an attempt to Promote You on Being a Serf

The vaccine passport is clearly the instrument of alternative for the authoritarian globalists’ plan to deprive you and your loved ones of your freedom and private liberties. This monetary coup is 20 years within the making. They voted on the “direct reset” plan (aka The Nice Reset), they wrote the plan, and have been implementing that plan, yr by yr, step-by-step.

We’re now in the long run sport, Fitts says, the place they should consolidate every thing. Now, with their vote for The Nice Reset, the central bankers made the choice to place 500 million individuals out of labor over the subsequent yr alone.

“That is the equal of dropping a number of nuclear bombs world wide. That is monetary warfare, and so they made it deliberately,” Fitts says. “They made it knowingly. It was a plan. And what is essential to grasp, when you concentrate on this pandemic, is individuals are not dying from magic viruses.

Persons are dying from tyranny, they’re dying from a fantastic poisoning. That is a part of that tyranny, however our downside, and the factor we have to be afraid of, is tyranny. As a result of the tyranny wants, and is about to get a lot, a lot worse.

It is the passports and that system of central financial institution digital management that can give them the power to try this. The world financial discussion board calls it The Nice Reset, which is form of the advertising and marketing … The World Financial Discussion board guys make it fascinating and trendy [to say] ‘In 2030, you personal nothing, and also you’re completely happy.’

Now, what I hear is ‘It is 2030, the direct reset has stolen all of your cash, taken all of your belongings, and so they’ve acquired your mind-controlled.’ The Nice Reset is to promote individuals on a imaginative and prescient of a world the place the common individual has a a lot smaller command on assets and belongings, and is topic to finish central management.

A part of what you are coping with is that human beings crave coherence. And so, when you can put them in a state of incoherence, they may actually do something they will to get again to coherence. It is a torture mechanism. In the event you research torture, it is a typical torture tactic …

That is why you see all these individuals saying, ‘In the event you simply settle for the passports, you’ll be free. Or when you get the vaccination, you may be free. They’ve spent a fortune since World Battle II on determining the way to use digital know-how, telecommunications and media to implement thoughts management way more economically and way more broadly. And one of many issues I believe they’re very smitten by how nicely it has labored.”

Watch the Monetary Transactions

When will it cease working? When sufficient of us can see what they’re doing. For instance, it’s essential to understand that, throughout this pandemic, individuals have been purchased out of the labor market with federal help that pays them greater than they have been making whereas working.

This technique has severely impeded small companies from getting the labor they should hold going, and in accordance with Fitts, that is all a part of the plan to bankrupt all small companies.

After all, the subsequent step shall be to require the COVID jab for anybody who desires to gather unemployment or different monetary help, because the vaccine passport is mixed and built-in with the brand new all-digital central financial institution transaction system. Step-by-step, everyone seems to be being herded into the brand new management system. However keep in mind, we are able to cease it, as a result of we’re doing it to ourselves.

The issue is, ending tyranny virtually all the time requires some form of sacrifice. Finish tyranny is never a cushty or worthwhile enterprise. That mentioned, there are numerous methods to battle again.

Prayer Battle Room and Different Recommendations

Fitts tells the story of a lady preventing corruption in her hometown. She was scared as a result of taking it to the subsequent stage would require her to go public, and he or she was a really non-public individual. Fitts steered she watch the movie “Battle Room,” a Christian film about prayer. “Begin a conflict room and simply battle them via prayer,” Fitts instructed her. Apparently, it labored wonders.

“So, there are lots of other ways to battle, and you possibly can battle in a method that is snug. Some individuals manage, some individuals are bringing lawsuits. Some individuals are lobbying. Some individuals are shifting and going to a different jurisdiction. Some individuals are pulling their cash out of JP Morgan Chase.

There are lots of other ways to do it. In the event you’re working for a giant financial institution or massive company, begin engaged on constructing the talents and the assets and the wherewithal you could begin one thing your self. Begin studying. It is known as DIY — do it your self.

Begin taking a look at your monetary image and determining … how one can collapse your earnings assertion and your stability sheet to one thing which is way more resilient, regionally, and doing it your self.

We needn’t get mortgaged up and get depending on the system. The third factor is, for God’s sakes, exit and get your self a fantastic financial institution. Significantly when you’re in the US, there are many nice banks and nice bankers … who additionally don’t desire the central bankers controlling every thing.

I do know plenty of group financial institution presidents who do not need to be managed by the New York Fed … So, the very first thing you could do is swing your cash out of — when you’re invested within the New York fed member banks, or within the massive companies which might be working authorities this fashion — swing your cash out of these shares and begin investing in constructing an area meals system.

Who’s your farmer, who’s your rancher? The place are you going to get high-quality contemporary meals? There’s super alternative to construct out the native, contemporary meals programs. In the event you take the time and have persistence, there are excellent investments available there.

[Next, know] who’s your sheriff. The complete enforcement inside a county space is managed by the sheriff [in the U.S.], and in most counties, the sheriff is elected. Not all however most. The feds can’t are available in and do an enforcement motion until the sheriff permits it to happen.

[Why should you] care about who your state legislators are? As a result of the state legislators have the ability to say no to the federal authorities, significantly when you’re not keen to escrow your taxes and get into this taxation with out illustration.

So, undergo your monetary assertion and your stability sheet and get the dangerous guys out of your cash and begin supporting the native guys who’re keen to assist the rule of legislation …

I had a former shopper who known as me and mentioned, ‘I simply offered a home, and I need to know, ought to I put the cash into actual property or valuable metals?’ And I mentioned, what is the level of getting belongings? If you do not have a military to guard them, which means if you do not have litigators, state legislators and sheriffs who’re keen to go defend your belongings, your belongings are nugatory; you may lose them.

So, she took the cash and gave it to a gaggle of litigators who have been litigating a few of what is going on on proper now. Anytime you may make an funding that completely reduces your bills, you are higher off to do it your self. So as a substitute of paying your water invoice, construct a nicely. In different phrases, get your cash out of financing the blokes who’re doing this to you, and get your cash into financing your self, your mates or individuals you understand.

Belief me, if tyranny controls every thing, and tyranny can function above the legislation, then nothing’s going to work. This can be a conflict. And if we do not arise and battle it, now, there shall be no method to wiggle round this. There is not any method to outplay it. There is not any place to run. There is not any place to go. So, you have to stand and battle again …

We have now a alternative. All people has a alternative. So, cease constructing the jail, cease serving to these guys and begin creating friction. We do not have to go alongside. And we are the ones who’re constructing the jail. So, you must deliver transparency to what is going on on, after which you must take motion.

We’re not all going to make it out of this course of alive. It’s conflict. That is what occurs in a conflict, however human liberty is price preventing for. We’re dwelling in a world the place there are two visions, and the highest 1% have a imaginative and prescient of us as a pure useful resource, [while] we have now a imaginative and prescient of us as people with sovereign rights that come to us by divine authority.”

As famous by Fitts, these are two terribly completely different visions. One choice is a society the place all individuals have the power to train our potential. Within the different, only some get to train their potential, whereas the remaining don’t have any alternative in any respect. We’re in the long run sport. It’s all or nothing at this level. There’s no center floor.

Ultimately, Fitts and I each consider the plan will fail, however ONLY if all of us do our half to forestall it. What’s extra, we additionally want to organize for what comes after their plan fails. This too may very well be simply as difficult. Fitts notes in conclusion:

“I inform individuals, whereas the Titanic is sinking, seize some planks and deck chairs and begin constructing your ark, as a result of these guys are going to make an enormous mess. This can be a mess. And when you have a look at what they’re attempting to do, it is very exhausting, it is very sophisticated. I believe it will fail.”

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