RFK Jr. Discusses Fauci, Vaccines and Massive Pharma’s Energy

March 21, 2022, Megyn Kelly of “The Megyn Kelly Present” interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about his place on vaccines, censorship, the claims made in his best-selling ebook, “The Actual Anthony Fauci,” the ability of Invoice Gates and Massive Pharma, and the worldwide warfare on democracy and public well being.

Megyn is sort of the interviewer and I’ve by no means seen anybody push again so onerous towards Bobby throughout an interview. She has unbelievable self-confidence to ceaselessly push again so onerous towards one of many main intellects in understanding the sordid fact about what has occurred within the world cabal’s intrusion into well being care.

The issue is that it’s past clear that she has largely swallowed the blue tablet propaganda of mainstream media, and though she agrees with Bobby on just a few factors she refutes his well-researched information with far much less credible sources, utilizing editorial insertions that Bobby doesn’t have an opportunity to reply to.

The complete interview was so lengthy — 4 hours — that they divided it into two components. Beneath, I’ll evaluate some choose highlights. For extra, I urge you to take heed to it when time permits.

RFK on the Vaccine Regime

Whereas many are fast to dismiss Kennedy as an “anti-vaxxer,” he’s adamant that he’s by no means really been towards vaccines per se. “That could be a pejorative that is utilized to me in an effort to marginalize me and silence me,” he says, including:

“What I’ve stated is we must always have protected vaccines. We should always have good, strong science. We should always have regulators which might be unbiased of the pharmaceutical business that’s profiting [from] the vaccines.”

Kennedy’s preliminary foray into vaccines, which started 17 years in the past, was to get mercury out of childhood vaccines, as mercury is a neurotoxin. Earlier than that, he spent 35 years making an attempt to get mercury out of fish, “and no person referred to as me anti-fish,” he says.

There are tons of of research that present mercury destroys well being and causes dramatic reductions in IQ. He cites analysis accomplished exhibiting that ethyl-mercury from vaccines accumulate within the mind to a far better diploma than the methyl-mercury you get from fish.

In reality, monkeys uncovered to mercury-containing vaccines had twice the quantity of mercury of their brains as these uncovered to dietary mercury. The mercury in vaccines additionally metabolizes into natural mercury, which is probably the most poisonous type.

“Mercury is cumulative and … children have many publicity to mercury. Vaccines are a lot worse [than dietary mercury], and we all know this due to the FDA’s personal research. Their inner research present that youngsters … are receiving enormous quantities of mercury — tons of of instances the EPA max protected exposures — from these vaccines,” Kennedy says.

The Rise in Autism Is a Actual Phenomenon

In 1997, the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration began eradicating mercury preservatives from childhood vaccines, however mercury-containing vaccines are nonetheless given to youngsters in Africa. The flu vaccine additionally accommodates mercury and is given to pregnant ladies.

This, Kennedy believes, could also be one of many explanation why autism charges didn’t decline after ethylmercury was taken out of most childhood vaccines, as a result of across the identical time, pregnant ladies and infants 6 months and older had been immediately informed to get an annual flu shot, and it offers a “enormous bolus, 25 micrograms” of mercury.

Whereas Kelly suggests autism charges saved rising just because we acquired higher at diagnosing it — a standard business speaking level — Kennedy disagrees, saying:

“Right here’s the factor, Megan … It is merely not true that we’re simply noticing it extra. You imply we missed it earlier than? … Lacking autism is like lacking a prepare wreck. You possibly can’t do it …

My aunt, Eunice, who was my godmother, began Particular Olympics, 10 miles from my dwelling. I labored there each weekend, after I was a child, from after I was 8 years outdated … I [also] spent 200 hours throughout my highschool years at Wassaic dwelling for the retarded in upstate New York, as a helper, and I by no means noticed a case of full-blown autism …

Youngsters immediately with autism who’re nonverbal, non-toilet skilled, screaming, biting, head banging, violent, toe strolling — we by no means noticed children like that within the ‘60s and ‘70s. To at the present time, I’ve by no means seen any person my age, 68 years outdated, who has full-blown autism. The place are they?”

When Mercury Was Taken Out, Aluminum Was Put In

What’s extra, ethylmercury was changed with aluminum preservative, and aluminum can also be a potent neurotoxin. So, they merely changed one brain-harming substance with one other. “So, now we’re giving children aluminum vaccines and in the identical wellness go to, we’re giving them a mercury flu shot,” he says, including:

“Anyone who who’s regarded on the CDC’s, NIH’s and FDA’s conduct throughout COVID pandemic understands that these are industries that aren’t doing public well being. They’re doing pharmaceutical revenue promotion …

These are [drug] corporations which have … paid the very best prison penalties of any company in historical past. These are serial felons and so they have captured the company that is imagined to be defending us from their conduct.”

Kennedy goes on to elucidate that, of the regulatory businesses within the U.S., the Environmental Safety Company (EPA) is the one one which isn’t beholden to Massive Pharma. They’re within the pocket of the oil business, “however they don’t care about Pharma,” he says. When Congress requested the EPA to find out when the autism epidemic started, they got here again with a really conclusive reply: 1989.

“What occurred in 1989? We handed the Nationwide Vaccine Damage Act in 1986. We gave immunity from legal responsibility to all of the [vaccine] corporations. There was a gold rush, as a result of immediately the most important value of manufacturing prescribed drugs and advertising and marketing prescribed drugs, which is downstream legal responsibility, had been eradicated.

Additionally they did not should do upstream testing. So, two of the most important prices had been gone. Plus, they do not should do promoting and advertising and marketing as a result of the product is remitted to 76 million American youngsters. So, it’s a dream product for them and so they can cost principally something they need. It was a gold rush. They added all these new vaccines [to the childhood vaccine] schedule.

Individuals, after they consider vaccines, consider polio and smallpox and the miracles of eliminating these [diseases]. However [it’s] fully pointless to vaccinate towards issues like hepatitis B, that aren’t even casually contagious …”

What Concerning the Measles Vaccine?

As for the measles vaccine, measles was certainly a deadly illness at the start of the century, however in 1963, it was killing solely 400 youngsters a yr, primarily those that had malnutrition or another devastating comorbidity. “Numerous them had been Black youngsters within the Mississippi Delta,” Kennedy says. “[There], the demise fee was 1 in 500,000.”

The measles vaccine got here out in 1963, and by no means contained thimerosal (mercury preservative) as a result of it’s a dwell virus vaccine. It wasn’t till the ‘90s that we began seeing an explosion in neurological problems. Autism skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 44 immediately, however different neurodevelopmental problems, comparable to ADHD, speech delays and ticks have additionally skyrocketed.1 We’ve additionally seen a fast rise in meals allergy symptoms.

“When Tony Fauci got here into workplace, 6% of American youngsters had power illness,” Kennedy says. “By 2006, it was 54%. Our children immediately are swimming round in a poisonous zoo. And I do not simply work on vaccines. I used to be a part of the trial crew [against] Monsanto. I work on PBDEs, neonicotinoids, PFOS, PFAS … EMFs — all of those completely different exposures that started on the identical timeline.

Phil Landrigan, probably the most well-known toxicologist on this nation, [at] Mount Sinai in New York, made an inventory of 11 potential culprits of toxics that turned ubiquitous in 1989. You must discover one thing that impacted each demographic on this nation, the identical yr … there’s solely a small quantity … and one in every of them is vaccines.

I believe it’s all of [these exposures]. Science exhibits all these impacts are cumulative. Our children immediately are sick as a result of we’re bombarding their immune techniques with these toxics that they merely can’t deal with. Vaccines are a part of that story. And it is in all probability, in my opinion, the biggest single trigger, though all of them are very large.”

Intentional Suppression of the Autism Sign

Kennedy goes on to inform the story of a secret assembly organized by the CDC in 1999 after they carried out an inner research of their database, which accommodates the medical data, together with the vaccination data, of 10 million youngsters from the ten greatest HMOs. Particularly, they needed to know whether or not mercury vaccines is likely to be inflicting autism. Kennedy says:

“They’ll have a look at each vaccine document and so they can have a look at your medical claims to see when you’ve had a seizure dysfunction or allergy symptoms, or you probably have an autism prognosis. They’ll do a cluster evaluation and search for associations. They regarded on the hepatitis B vaccine, which is loaded with mercury, [given] throughout the first 30 days of start.

They in contrast them to children who didn’t get it throughout the first 30 days, who acquired it later or did not get it in any respect. And here is what they discovered. The relative threat [from smoking] a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years and lung most cancers is 10. This was 11.35. They knew thimerosal triggered it.

That is the story that acquired me concerned as a result of they pushed the panic button and so they had a secret assembly.2 They did not need to do it on the CDC campus as a result of they thought it might be inclined to a freedom of knowledge request. So, they did it in a distant Methodist retreat middle on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Norcross, Georgia.

They’d a two-day assembly with 52 people, together with all the foremost vaccine corporations, regulatory businesses that administer vaccines, the FDA, the NIH, the HHS and the leaders of the main tutorial vaccinators — the individuals who conduct scientific trials and make tons of of tens of millions of {dollars} from medical colleges round this nation.

Any person recorded that assembly. We do not know why. We do not know in the event that they knew they had been being recorded, however I acquired a maintain of the transcripts in 2005 and it’s horrific. It is a nightmare. Any of your listeners can go to our web site, see the Simpsonwood Paperwork, and skim these transcripts and make up your individual thoughts about what occurred.”

Early on in that 286-page transcript, we discover the next admission by Walter Orenstein, then-director of the Nationwide Immunization Program on the CDC:3

“Preliminary issues had been raised final summer season that mercury, as methylmercury in vaccines, may exceed protected ranges … Evaluation so far increase some issues of a attainable dose-response impact of accelerating ranges of methylmercury in vaccines and sure neurologic diagnoses.”

The rest of the story was detailed in in a 2015 interview4 with Youngsters’s Well being Protection director of advocacy, Rita Shreffler. In that interview, Kennedy defined how the troublesome sign discovered on this database evaluation was deliberately “vanished” by transforming the research at least 4 instances, “utilizing dodgy statistical gadgets to make the autism sign disappear.”

After the fourth iteration, the sign linking thimerosal with autism and a half dozen different neurodevelopmental problems was not detectable. The CDC revealed that model and introduced thimerosal had been investigated and located to be protected. Alas, when folks requested to see the uncooked knowledge, the CDC claimed the info had been “misplaced,” so nobody was ever capable of confirm the outcomes. The fabrication caught and has been peddled ever since.

When Kelly insists that there are lots of different research from all over the world which have additionally exonerated thimerosal, Kennedy reminds her to have a look at who funded them. Most had been funded by the Wellcome Belief, the drug business and the NIH.

“They’re being funded by people who find themselves funding them in an effort to cowl up the affiliation,” he says, “and you’ll simply design research, notably epidemiological research, to hide the impression to small subgroups of weak populations. That’s Epidemiology 101. All people is aware of that. And that is why they do these research.”

The Actual Anthony Fauci

Kelly’s and Kennedy’s dialog then strikes on to “The Actual Anthony Fauci,” which turned a greatest vendor and offered out 12 instances regardless of the entire media blackout. When requested what Kennedy believes motivates Fauci to do what he does, he replies:

“I might characterize Anthony Fauci as type of the preeminent architect of the switch of NIAID and its mum or dad company NIH from a public well being company to an company that’s primarily involved with drug improvement, drug promotion and partnering with the pharmaceutical business on profit-making enterprises.

Legally, he can generate income [on this] and he does. We all know of at the least one patent he has. Any product that’s developed by the NIAID, anyone who works on that product … can get patent margin rights on that product that entitles them below the federal guidelines to gather $150,000 a yr in royalty for all times.

He has 4 of his high staff who every have margin rights, patent rights, royalty rights for the Moderna [COVID] vaccine … so it stands to make billions of {dollars} for the company, but in addition excessive stage people within the company.

People who find themselves very loyal to Tony Fauci can get awarded, by means of Fauci, the rights to gather lifetime royalties on these merchandise, and so they make tons of of merchandise. They develop tons of and tons of of merchandise and all of these are potential profit-making enterprises for prime stage folks throughout the NIH.

I believe [Fauci’s motivation] is energy, [but] I do not know what motivates him. My job is to doc their conduct. And when you have a look at his conduct, time after time after time, he does issues which might be according to making income for his companions, that are these pharmaceutical corporations, even on the direct and clear expense of public well being.”

On Invoice Gates

When requested about Invoice Gates and his affect on public well being, particularly in growing international locations, Kennedy tells the next story, which is detailed in his ebook:

“The World Well being Group, with Gates’ affect, help and participation, administered 1 million vaccines to Kenyan ladies designed to sterilize them with out their information. It was a tetanus program that included, within the tetanus vaccine — with out anyone understanding — human gonadotrophic hormones (HCG), which work together with tetanus toxoids [to act] as a chemical castration drug for girls.

They’d comparable applications in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Clearly, they had been doing that. We acquired the vials from Kenya, so we all know what they had been doing, and so they’ve admitted … Should you learn my ebook, you may [learn] that for 20 years, WHO has been spending tens of tens of millions of {dollars} growing these sterilization medicine … It has paid researchers to search out methods to castrate ladies.”

Kelly pushes again, saying “we’re on a skinny thread, speaking in regards to the intentional sterilization of ladies in Africa with out their consent or information,” however Kennedy replies that the proof for that “may be very effectively documented.”

“They spent 20 years finding out the inclusion of HCG in tetanus vaccines — as a option to sterilize ladies. Then they included HCG in a tetanus vaccine program that they gave to 1,000,000 ladies with out telling them. You possibly can join no matter dots you might want to — or not.”

Similarities Between the AIDS Epidemic and COVID

Kennedy additionally addresses Kelly’s query in regards to the similarities between Fauci’s dealing with of the AIDS epidemic and COVID. Within the Eighties, Fauci pushed for the usage of AZT — an especially poisonous drug — as a major therapy for AIDS, whereas suppressing safer and cheaper therapies.

He’s adopted the identical modus operandi throughout the COVID pandemic, the place he demonized cheap repurposed medicine comparable to ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, saying they don’t work, whereas pushing for remdesivir, an ineffective, exorbitantly costly antiviral Ebola drug.

“It speaks for itself,” Kennedy says. “AZT was horrendously poisonous. It was developed initially by the Nationwide Most cancers Institute as a chemotherapy drug. It killed all of the rats after they gave it to them … They’re designed to kill human mobile tissue.

The hope is it would kill the tumors earlier than they kill the remainder of you. And so, once you give any person a chemotherapy drug, it is solely given for a few weeks. However this drug was considered so horrendously poisonous that they threw it on the junk pile and did not even patent it.”

In line with Kennedy, the AIDS epidemic was when Fauci transitioned the NIAID from a public well being company right into a drug business associate. Fauci partnered with GlaxoSmithKline to develop an AIDS drug, and put in loyalists on committees that authorized new or experimental medicine. They then saved competitors at bay whereas dashing Fauci’s drug of selection by means of.

When AZT began killing everybody within the therapy group, Fauci saved the research going by giving the contributors blood transfusions to maintain them alive longer. “The one cause these folks survived a six-week drug trial was as a result of they had been getting these transfusions,” Kennedy says. As soon as the research was accomplished, AZT was authorized, regardless of clear security alerts. AZT went on to kill some 330,000 AIDS sufferers over the subsequent decade.

Reinventing Public Well being

In his ebook, Kennedy discusses how, by the center of the twentieth century, most epidemic and infectious ailments had been roughly worn out, because of enhancements in diet, sanitation, clear water, refrigeration, highway techniques and fewer overcrowding.

In 2000, the CDC checked out this along with Johns Hopkins, and so they concluded that this 80% discount in mortality from infectious illness was not as a result of vaccines, however these different societal enhancements. In reality, vaccines had performed nearly no function. Individuals had been nonetheless getting sick, however they had been not dying from ailments comparable to measles.

Because of this, the CDC and NIAID had been shedding relevance. The price range director for the Reagan administration, David Stockman, in 1982 urged we must always abolish the CDC. In his ebook, Kennedy shares company memos discussing methods to carry consideration again to infectious ailments to make themselves related once more.

“What I present is that there is a sequence of pretend pandemics that had been accomplished in 1976, proper after Tony got here to the NIAID. There was a hen flu epidemic that was faux in 2005 … and there was a faux swine flu epidemic in 2009. Every time they gave the vaccine corporations immunity from legal responsibility, and so they offered tens of tens of millions of {dollars} value of pointless vaccines.

A lot of them triggered profound impacts. The Zika pandemic was a faux pandemic. There was Tony Fauci claiming that Zika may trigger microcephaly, a smaller head. He triggered panic across the nation. Individuals had been terrified. They had been advising ladies to not get pregnant.

Any person from his company really made a March insanity chart of all of the phony pandemics he is been drumming up over time, and the triumph is COVID on that [chart]. I reprinted that in my ebook and his [Fauci’s] signature is on the backside of the web page. So, you realize, it’s one thing that they’ve accomplished repeatedly and once more.”

For readability, Kennedy is just not claiming that COVID-19 was a faux pandemic. “There have been folks dying of COVID 19 everywhere in the world. It was a real pandemic,” he says. His level is that it served the identical goal as faked pandemics that posed no actual risk to public well being.

I might add that the COVID pandemic was extraordinarily exaggerated, so whereas “actual” when it comes to there being outbreaks of an infection, the panic surrounding it was deliberately manufactured. And why?

In line with Kennedy, the rationale for manufacturing worry about infectious illness is to permit the CDC and NIAID to remain related and maintain pharmaceutical revenue facilities going, regardless that mortality from infectious ailments has dropped off the map.

Fauci’s ‘Biodefense’ Work

Kelly and Kennedy additionally focus on how Fauci and different public well being leaders have misled the general public in regards to the origins of the COVID pandemic. Kennedy evaluations how Dr. Ralph Baric had issues with pathogens escaping from his lab at UNC Chapel Hill, how the U.S. Company for Worldwide Growth (USAID) is definitely a entrance for the CIA, and the way Fauci managed to safe a 68% pay increase by including “biodefense” to his workload.

“I’ve one other ebook about to come back out referred to as ‘Wuhan Cowl-Up,’ and it exhibits, that Dr. Fauci, together with different folks with DTRA, a protection risk discount company, with the CIA … was pumping tons of of tens of millions of {dollars} into the enterprise to develop pandemic superbugs that might trigger pandemics.

And so they had been protecting them in areas that all of them knew they had been sure to flee … His greatest fundee, Ralph Baric, had eight or 10 escapes and Fauci gave him 147 separate grants of tens of tens of millions, tons of of tens of millions of {dollars} …

Nixon had signed the organic weapons conference in ‘72 that made it unlawful to deal with, retailer or develop any type of organic weapons, however there was a loophole in it. And the loophole stated, if it is a twin use analysis, you are able to do that. Numerous the analysis that you simply use to develop bioweapons is equivalent to the analysis you employ to develop a vaccine, or it may be.

And so, the Pentagon needed to begin doing this type of analysis, but it surely was frightened that the general public wouldn’t consider that the Pentagon was doing all of this bioweapons analysis in an effort to develop vaccines. It simply did not appear believable.

So, they outsourced it to Tony Fauci and so they gave him a 68% increase, which is among the explanation why, immediately, he’s the very best paid particular person within the historical past of the federal authorities. He makes $430,400 a yr and the president solely makes $400,000. And quite a lot of that’s cash that is coming from his navy weapons operate …

They gave him $1.7 billion to start growing bioweapons that’s now at $2.2 billion a yr. He then distributes that to completely different labs across the nation. In 2014, three bugs from U.S. labs escaped … together with smallpox, and 300 main bioweapons consultants … signed a petition asking Obama to close down Tony Fauci’s experiments as a result of they feared that he would launch a pandemic.

The Obama administration issued the stop and desist order to Tony Fauci. He defied the order and continued doing the experiments at Ralph Baric’s labs, which had been the worst experiments as a result of he was engineering these gain-of-function bugs and ways in which no person had ever devised earlier than.

However he moved quite a lot of his operations to Wuhan the place they might be out of sight of the White Home, and he laundered the cash by means of this zoologist named Peter Daszak, the EcoHealth Alliance.”

In line with Kennedy, Fauci additionally funded Baric to develop a way that permits you to conceal the genetic engineering you’ve accomplished. Usually, there are telltale indicators {that a} pathogen was created in a lab. Baric developed a option to conceal these traces of engineering. This, supposedly, will all be defined in Kennedy’s subsequent ebook.

As famous by Kennedy, that is the exact reverse of what you’d do when you had been doing analysis for public well being. There’s just one goal for such a way, and it’s a nefarious one.

How Do We Repair It?

The plain query is, how will we repair this mess? As famous by Kennedy, we actually want unbiased regulators, and that will require restructuring and legislative efforts. “We want regulators that aren’t getting cash from pharma,” Kennedy says, “[regulators] that aren’t doing pharma’s bidding however are actually working for public well being … utilizing actual science.”

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