Unintended Penalties of mRNA Photographs

MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff’s paper,1Worse Than the Illness: Reviewing Some Doable Unintended Penalties of mRNA Vaccines In opposition to COVID-19,” printed within the Worldwide Journal of Vaccine Principle, Follow and Analysis in collaboration with Dr. Greg Nigh, continues to be among the finest, most complete descriptions of the numerous attainable unintended penalties of the mRNA gene switch applied sciences incorrectly known as “COVID vaccines.”

December 9, 2021, their paper was reprinted within the Townsend Letter, the Examiner of Different Medication.2 Seneff, Ph.D., a senior analysis scientist at MIT who has been conducting analysis at MIT for over 5 a long time, has spent a big portion of her profession investigating the hazards and mechanisms of motion of glyphosate.

Her consideration was diverted to the science of mRNA gene switch applied sciences in early 2020, when Operation Warp Pace was introduced. As famous in her paper, many elements that lacked precedent, but have been being applied at breakneck pace, included:

  1. The primary-ever use of PEG in an injection
  2. The primary-ever use of mRNA gene switch know-how towards an infectious agent
  3. The primary-ever “vaccine” to make no clear claims about lowering an infection, transmissibility or loss of life
  4. The primary-ever coronavirus vaccine ever examined on people (and former coronavirus vaccines all failed attributable to antibody-dependent enhancement, a situation during which the antibodies truly facilitate an infection fairly than defend towards it)
  5. The primary-ever use of genetically modified polynucleotides within the common inhabitants

An Insanely Reckless Course of

In a Might 2021 interview with me, Seneff stated:

“To have developed this extremely new know-how so shortly, and to skip so many steps within the technique of evaluating [its safety], it is an insanely reckless factor that they’ve carried out. My intuition was that that is dangerous, and I wanted to know [the truth].

So, I actually dug into the analysis literature by the individuals who’ve developed these vaccines, after which extra intensive analysis literature round these subjects. And I do not see how these vaccines can probably be doing something good …”

On the time, simply 5 months into the mass inoculation marketing campaign, Seneff suspected the COVID pictures would find yourself killing way more individuals than the an infection itself. As we speak, a full yr into it, the statistics are grim past perception, proving her educated prediction to have been an astute one.

mRNA Jabs Are Shockingly Hazardous

As of December 3, 2021, the U.S. Vaccine Hostile Occasion Reporting System (VAERS) has logged an astounding 927,738 COVID jab associated antagonistic occasions, together with 19,886 deaths.3 VAERS can obtain experiences from vaccine producers and different worldwide sources, and if we exclude these, the loss of life toll reported in U.S. territories solely stands at 9,136.4

Of the entire loss of life experiences, Pfizer — the one firm that the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration has granted full licensing for an as-yet unavailable COVID shot — accounts for the overwhelming majority: 13,268, in comparison with 4,894 for Moderna, 1,651 for Janssen and 73 for an undisclosed model.

Pfizer additionally accounts for the overwhelming majority of hospitalizations post-injection, and whereas these over the age of 66 make up the majority of deaths, the 25-to-50 age group accounts for a lot of the hospitalizations. Key uncomfortable side effects that are actually being reported in large numbers embrace:5


Coronary heart issues comparable to coronary heart assaults and myopericarditis

Thrombocytopenia (low platelet rely)


Bell’s palsy

A wide range of everlasting disabilities, lots of which contain neurological dysfunction

All of those penalties have been predicted by Seneff and Nigh of their paper, which makes the occasions all of the extra tragic. Importantly, VAERS is notoriously underreported, so the real-world influence of those pictures is much better than what these information recommend.

The Treatment Is Certainly Worse Than the Illness

Calculations6 carried out by Steve Kirsch, govt director of the COVID-19 Early Therapy Fund, and his crew of statisticians recommend VAERS COVID-related experiences are underreported by an element of 41. It is a conservative estimate, supported by calculations utilizing a wide range of sources moreover VAERS itself.

That signifies that within the U.S. alone (utilizing the info for U.S. territories solely), the precise loss of life toll could also be nearer to 374,576 (together with worldwide deaths reported to VAERS would put the loss of life toll at 815,326), and people are deaths that occurred inside days or even weeks post-injection.

As Seneff and Nigh clarify of their paper, there’s overwhelming cause to suspect that these gene switch injections can have devastating impacts in the long run, leading to extra deaths over the subsequent decade.

What’s extra, it’s clear that the loss of life toll from the COVID-19 an infection itself within the U.S. has been vastly exaggerated, because it’s based mostly on optimistic PCR exams and even mere suspicion of COVID within the absence of testing. Many died from different causes and simply occurred to have a optimistic COVID check on the time of loss of life.

Kirsch estimates the true loss of life tally from COVID-19 to be about 50% of the reported quantity (which is probably going conservative). This implies about 380,000 People died from COVID-19 (fairly than with COVID), whereas the COVID pictures could have killed greater than 374,570 within the first 11 months alone.

As predicted within the title of Seneff’s paper, it appears the treatment could certainly find yourself being worse than the illness. That is significantly true for kids and younger adults, who’ve both died or been completely disabled by the pictures by the 1000’s, whereas having a very low threat of dying from or being significantly harmed by the an infection itself.

Seneff suspects that within the subsequent 10 to fifteen years, we’ll see a dramatic spike in prion illnesses, autoimmune illnesses, neurodegenerative illnesses at youthful ages, and blood problems comparable to blood clots, hemorrhaging, stroke and coronary heart failure.

The Spike Protein Is the Most Harmful A part of SARS-CoV-2

The rationale we’re seeing all these issues from the COVID pictures is as a result of they program your cells to constantly produce SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which we now know is probably the most harmful a part of the virus. Many specialists famous this from the beginning, questioning what the vaccine builders might probably be pondering, deciding on this because the antigen for his or her pictures.

Whereas the mRNA injections may cause hurt in many various methods, one fundamental downside is that they’ll overstimulate your immune system to the purpose of failure. In abstract, as your cells begin producing the viral spike proteins, your immune cells rally to mop up the proteins and dump them into your lymphatic system. (For this reason many report swollen lymph nodes beneath the arms.)

The antibody response is a part of your humoral immunity. You even have mobile immunity, which is a part of your innate immune system. Your innate immune system may be very highly effective. Should you’re wholesome, it may clear viruses with out ever producing a single antibody. Antibodies are literally a second-tier impact when your innate immune system fails.

The issue is that your innate immune system won’t be activated and certain will fail to guard you for those who get a COVID-19 shot, as a result of it’s bypassing all the areas the place your innate immune system can be delivered to bear.

Usually you breathe the virus in and stimulate the manufacturing secretory IgA antibodies that shield your respiratory system. While you bypass that route of publicity with a jab within the arm, no secretory IgA antibodies are produced, leaving you prone to the an infection.

As defined by Ronald Kostoff in a superb December 8, 2021, Trial Web site Information article, “COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: The Flawed Bomb Over the Flawed Goal on the Flawed Time”:7

“An efficient vaccine would give attention to mobile immunity within the respiratory and intestinal tract, during which secretory IgA is produced by your lymphocytes which can be positioned straight beneath the mucous membranes that line the respiratory and intestinal tract.

The antibodies produced by these lymphocytes are ejected by way of and to the floor of the linings. These antibodies are thus on web site to fulfill air-borne viruses and they can stop viral binding and an infection of the cells.

Sadly, the principle inoculants used presently for COVID-19 give attention to antibodies (IgG and circulating IgA) that happen within the bloodstream. These antibodies shield the inner organs of the physique from infectious brokers that attempt to unfold through the bloodstream.”

When you’re injected with the COVID jab, your physique will solely induce IgG and circulating IgA — not secretory IgA, and a majority of these antibodies don’t successfully shield your mucous membranes from SARS-CoV-2 an infection. So, as famous by Kostoff, the breakthrough infections we’re now seeing “verify the basic design flaws” of this gene switch know-how.

“A pure an infection with SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) will in most people stay localized to the respiratory tract,” Kostoff writes.8 “The vaccines used presently trigger cells deep inside our physique to precise the viral spike protein, which they have been by no means meant to do by nature.

Any cell which expresses this international antigen on its floor will come beneath assault by the immune system, which can contain each IgG antibodies and cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. This will likely happen in any organ, however the harm will probably be most extreme in very important organs.

We’re seeing now that the center is affected in lots of younger individuals, resulting in myocarditis and even sudden cardiac arrest and loss of life. In different phrases, we’re dropping the flawed bomb on the flawed goal on the flawed time!”

In the long run, your physique will primarily imagine that your innate immune system has failed, which implies it should carry within the backup cavalry. In essence, your physique is now overreacting to one thing that isn’t true. You’re not truly contaminated with a virus and your innate immune system has not failed, however your physique is compelled to reply as if each are true.

Results Prone to Persist Lengthy Time period

What’s extra, the artificial RNA within the mRNA vaccines comprises a nucleotide known as methyl-pseudouridine, which your physique can not break down, and the RNA is programmed to set off most protein manufacturing. So, we’re fully untested manipulation of RNA.

It is vitally vital to acknowledge that this can be a genetically engineered mRNA for the spike protein. It isn’t equivalent to the spike protein mRNA that SARS-Cov-2 produces. It’s been considerably altered to keep away from being metabolized by your physique.

The spike protein your physique produces in response to the COVID-19 vaccine mRNA locks into your ACE2 receptor. It is because the genetically engineered new spike protein has extra prolines inserted that stop the receptors from correctly closing, which then trigger you to downregulate ACE2. That’s partially how you find yourself with issues comparable to pulmonary hypertension, ventricular coronary heart failure and stroke.9,10

As famous in a 2020 paper,11 there’s a “pivotal hyperlink” between ACE2 deficiency and SARS-CoV-2 an infection. Individuals with ACE2 deficiency are typically extra liable to extreme COVID-19. The spike protein suppresses ACE2,12 making the deficiency even worse. Based on Seneff, the gene switch injections primarily do the identical factor, and we nonetheless don’t know the way lengthy the consequences final.

Producers initially guessed the artificial RNA would possibly survive within the human physique for about six months. A newer investigation discovered the spike protein continued in recovered COVID sufferers for 15 months.13

This raises the suspicion that the artificial and extra persistent mRNA within the COVID pictures could set off spike protein manufacturing for a minimum of as lengthy, and doubtless longer.14 What’s extra, the variety of spike proteins produced by the pictures is much better than what you expertise in pure an infection.

As defined by Dr. Peter McCullough,15 which means after your first shot, your physique will produce spike protein for a minimum of 15 months. However, while you get shot No. 2 a couple of weeks later, that shot will trigger spike protein manufacturing to go on for 15 months or longer. With shot No. 3 six months after that, you produce spike protein for one more 15 months.

With common boosters, it’s possible you’ll by no means rid your physique of the spike protein. All of the whereas, it’s wreaking havoc along with your biology. McCullough likens it to “a everlasting set up of an inflammatory protein within the human physique,” and irritation is on the coronary heart of most if not all power illnesses. There’s merely no attainable method for these gene switch pictures to enhance public well being. They’re going to decimate it.

Lengthy-Time period Neurological Injury Is To Be Anticipated

In her paper,16 Seneff describes a number of key traits of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that means it acts as a prion. This might assist clarify why we’re seeing so many neurological uncomfortable side effects from the pictures. Based on Seneff, the spike protein produced by the COVID shot, because of the modifications made, may very well make it extra of a prion than the spike protein within the precise virus, and a simpler one.

For an in depth technical description of this you may learn by way of Seneff’s paper, however the take-home message is that COVID-19 pictures are instruction units to your physique to make a poisonous protein that can ultimately wind up concentrated in your spleen, from the place prion-like protein directions will probably be despatched out, radically growing your threat of growing neurodegenerative illnesses.

Lung, Coronary heart and Mind Illnesses Are Predictable Penalties

Seneff additionally goes into nice element describing how the spike protein acts as a metabolic poison. Whereas I like to recommend studying Seneff’s paper in its entirety, I’ve extracted some key sections under, beginning with how the spike protein can set off pathological harm resulting in lung harm and coronary heart and mind illnesses:17

“The image is now rising that SARS-CoV-2 has critical results on the vasculature in a number of organs, together with the mind vasculature … In a sequence of papers, Yuichiro Suzuki in collaboration with different authors offered a robust argument that the spike protein by itself may cause a signaling response within the vasculature with doubtlessly widespread penalties.

These authors noticed that, in extreme instances of COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 causes important morphological modifications to the pulmonary vasculature … Moreover, they confirmed that publicity of cultured human pulmonary artery clean muscle cells to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 subunit was adequate to advertise cell signaling with out the remainder of the virus parts.

Observe-on papers confirmed that the spike protein S1 subunit suppresses ACE2, inflicting a situation resembling pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a extreme lung illness with very excessive mortality … The ‘in vivo research’ they referred to … had proven that SARS coronavirus-induced lung harm was primarily attributable to inhibition of ACE2 by the SARS-CoV spike protein, inflicting a big enhance in angiotensin-II.

Suzuki et al. (2021) went on to display experimentally that the S1 element of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, at a low focus … activated the MEK/ERK/MAPK signaling pathway to advertise cell development. They speculated that these results wouldn’t be restricted to the lung vasculature.

The signaling cascade triggered within the coronary heart vasculature would trigger coronary artery illness, and activation within the mind might result in stroke. Systemic hypertension would even be predicted. They hypothesized that this means of the spike protein to advertise pulmonary arterial hypertension might predispose sufferers who get well from SARS-CoV-2 to later develop proper ventricular coronary heart failure.

Moreover, they urged {that a} comparable impact might occur in response to the mRNA vaccines, and so they warned of potential long-term penalties to each kids and adults who obtained COVID-19 vaccines based mostly on the spike protein.

An attention-grabbing examine by Lei et. al. (2021) discovered that pseudovirus — spheres adorned with the SARS-CoV-2 S1 protein however missing any viral DNA of their core — brought on irritation and harm in each the arteries and lungs of mice uncovered intratracheally.

They then uncovered wholesome human endothelial cells to the identical pseudovirus particles. Binding of those particles to endothelial ACE2 receptors led to mitochondrial harm and fragmentation in these endothelial cells, resulting in the attribute pathological modifications within the related tissue.

This examine makes it clear that spike protein alone, unassociated with the remainder of the viral genome, is adequate to trigger the endothelial harm related to COVID-19. The implications for vaccines meant to trigger cells to fabricate the spike protein are clear and are an apparent trigger for concern.”

The COVID Photographs Activate Latent Viruses

As talked about earlier, shingles an infection is popping out to be a fairly widespread facet impact of the COVID shot, and just like the neurological, vascular and cardiac harm we’re seeing, activation of latent viral infections was additionally predicted.

One cause why latent viral infections are cropping up in response to the pictures is as a result of the pictures disable your kind I interferon pathway. A second cause is as a result of your immune system is overburdened making an attempt to cope with the inflammatory spike proteins flowing by way of your physique. One thing’s received to present, so latent viruses are allowed to interrupt by way of.

That’s not the top of your potential troubles, nonetheless, as these coinfections could worsen or speed up different circumstances, comparable to Bell’s Palsy, myalgic encephalomyelitis and power fatigue syndrome.

Herpes viruses, for instance, have been implicated as a set off of each AIDS18 and power fatigue syndrome.19 Some analysis suggests these illnesses don’t seem till viruses from totally different households companion up and the kind 1 interferon pathway is disabled.

With all of that in thoughts, it appears inevitable that, long run, the COVID mass injection marketing campaign will lead to an avalanche of a variety of debilitating power sicknesses.

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