Why I attempted Nutrisense (and What I Realized)

For the previous week and a half, I attempted out Nutrisense and wore a CGM to watch my glucoses ranges. Sharing a recap of my expertise right here! I used to be gifted the Nutrisense membership for 1 month to attempt, and this submit is just not sponsored. My code to attempt it out is GINA50 for $50 off  <— not affiliate, simply needed to share a reduction with you all.

Hello mates! How’s the week going? Thanks a lot for all the lovely birthday needs for P! We had an awesome day celebrating and capped it off with the requested hibachi dinner. I hope you’re having an exquisite week, too!

For immediately’s submit, I needed to share a recap of my expertise utilizing Nutrisense. I’ve been interested in this firm for some time, particularly after doing my Inside Tracker bloodwork earlier this yr. My fasting glucose ranges have been somewhat on the excessive aspect, and I used to be involved that it might be a deeper drawback. I waited it out, and after my good pal Mia posted about utilizing Nutrisense to watch her blood glucose ranges, I knew I needed to offer it a attempt. I reached out to the corporate and was excited once they provided me a month to attempt it out and see how I preferred it.

I acquired the product and was SO nervous to place it on (hello, I’m an enormous needle phobe) and waited and waited till Mia stated that she’d stroll me via the entire course of and connect hers on the similar time. You may watch the video right here and witness the second I virtually began having a panic assault on reside video. (She was like, “See, you possibly can see the needle proper there” and I turned white.) I actually needed the info, so I took a deep breath and went for it. I’m actually glad I did, as a result of being able to see my physique’s response to totally different meals was extraordinarily precious.

(I’m smiling however panicking. Seems, attaching the CGM was NOTHING like I imagined it could be. It was painless and tremendous straightforward.)

What’s Nutrisense and the way does it work?

Nutrisense is a program that gives professional steerage in alignment with a Steady Glucose Monitor (CGM). The CGM tracks your blood glucose at 15-minute intervals all through the day, so that you’re capable of see how sleep patterns, eating regimen, train, stress, and diet influence your blood glucose ranges. Repeatedly elevated glucose could cause irritation and injury within the physique, so it may be useful to see how your physique responds to the components above, notably the way it recovers. For instance, in case your blood glucose spikes after a carb-heavy or sugary meal, does it keep elevated? Or does it get well inside 2 hours? How excessive is the spike??  

Once you join Nutrisense, your CGM is delivered to you, together with particulars on the best way to connect it. (You may watch me do that right here!) You’ll connect the CGM and protecting patch, obtain the app, and scan your CGM to begin monitoring the info. It often takes about an hour after including it to your telephone to acknowledge it and begin scanning. (You simply click on “scan” on the app and maintain your telephone up the the CGM the place the digital camera is situated.)

Throughout the app, you’re initially paired with a Registered Dietitian who can assist you interpret the info, make suggestions, and run experiments.

The service begins at $350 for month, and the fee goes down relying on the time dedication. (With a 12-month dedication, it’s $199/month.)

The CGM that Nutrisense makes use of is the Freestyle Libre and so they expire in 14 days. (You app will let when your sensor is expiring.)

What sort of information do you obtain and the way do you interpret the info?

Your blood glucose is charted 24/7 and you may see how excessive will get and the way lengthy it takes to stabilize. It may be fascinating to see spikes all through the evening how totally different patterns have an effect on your blood glucose.

I bought this from my RD, who messaged me ceaselessly and was at all times accessible to reply questions: (this was after a smoothie that prompted a better spike than I anticipated)

To assist present extra context, I wish to stroll you thru what I’m as I assess a glucose response so let’s take a look at your breakfast on 10/11 for example (chocolate, smoothie, almond milk):

Peak (^ in your meal card). First, we wish to take a look at the height glucose worth and intention to keep away from repeated publicity above 140. Your peak glucose worth was 114, which is nicely under the brink and a traditional peak!

Publicity (squiggly line on meal card). Second, we additionally need a small space below the curve (AUC). So a fast glucose spike to 150 however a return to pre-meal glucose values inside 1 hour of consuming is a small space below the curve, however a sluggish glucose climb to 130 and staying elevated for 4 hours could be a a lot bigger space below the curve. We wish glucose to return to pre-meal values inside 2-3 hours after consuming. You may assist monitor your AUC by assessing your meal card AUC values and by checking your normal deviation within the analytics. Your AUC was 42.9- I’d say optimally I’m searching for <30, however <50 continues to be okay!

Stability (triangle on meal card). We additionally wish to keep away from main “shifts” in glucose. So it might be attainable that after a meal you solely went to 130 (which is nice!), however your pre-meal worth was 70, so that may be fairly an enormous swing. You may monitor this by assessing your delta values, as we at all times wish to try for a delta <30. Your delta was 33, which is nice!!

Restoration (2h rating on meal card). Lastly, we would like glucose to return to pre-meal values inside 2-3 hours after consuming. Your response was 23, which tells me you have been 23 factors from baseline worth on the 2 hour mark.

What I discovered utilizing a Nutrisense CGM:

– Some buffers to forestall a blood sugar spike, particularly if you’re having higher-carb meals: take a stroll earlier than or after your meal, have some sort of protein first, reasonable carb consumption, and meal timing. Since your insulin sensitivity is healthier through the day and wanes in the direction of the night, you might tolerate meals higher if consumed within the afternoon as a substitute of late at evening. That is completely the case for wine with me – if I’ve it late-afternoon, it doesn’t have an effect on my sleep.

– Complete foods-based carbs do not need a major impact on me, particularly once they’re paired with protein. (Berries, apples, bananas, and oranges didn’t trigger a spike, even once I ate them by themselves.) Oatmeal, paleo pancakes, Siete tortillas, and starchy veggies have been the identical. Refined carbs, alternatively, did trigger a spike. We went to a celebration at a pal’s home and I had extra sweets and refined carbs than standard (plus champagne) and my blood glucose was elevated all evening and the next day. It was fascinating to see how one meal can have an effect on your insulin sensitivity for the next day.

– Wine spikes my blood sugar, tequila doesn’t. (An vital lesson haha.) Each get well superb if I’ve one glass, however two glasses led to elevated ranges the next day. This experiment verified the truth that I don’t do nicely with a ton of alcohol, and it’s been a very good reminder to attenuate it. (Proper now I’m at one or possibly two drinks per week.)

– Additionally, my physique loves tacos, beans, and rice. 🙂 I had my standard Wednesday evening Mexican meal with the household and no big spike.

– Peace of thoughts. A big share of our inhabitants is just not metabolically versatile, which may influence how we deal with stress, accidents, and get well from sickness. I used to be involved that my final blood check confirmed a better fasting glucose, however this was capable of confirm that it isn’t the case for me usually (my blood check was an outlier) and a very good indicator of my metabolic well being. That was my fundamental concern going into this and it was a welcomed sigh of reduction.


 – The RD assist was invaluable. I beloved being able to ask questions, and she or he did a wonderful job about educating me the best way to see my patterns, assess my response, and splendid goal ranges.

– The app could be very well-designed, straightforward to navigate and use. I preferred utilizing the app and located that whilst a beginner, I figured it out pretty simply.


– I ate somewhat surprisingly once I first put it on. It’s like I used to be afraid to eat something that may spike it, and finally I needed to inform myself to recover from it and eat usually after a few days. The info wasn’t going to assist me if I solely ate protein and greens for 14 days. So I had margaritas, tacos, desserts, all the issues I usually eat, so it could present a real image. If in case you have a historical past with disordered consuming, I wouldn’t suggest utilizing this.

 – It was uncomfortable and I ended up taking it off a couple of days early. (I believe it was extra the adhesive than the precise sensor.) I acknowledge the privilege I’ve to have the ability to say, “I don’t wish to put on this anymore” and take away it, when I’ve mates on the market who rely upon a CGM for survival. Simply needed to place somewhat word right here that I see you. <3 I didn’t sleep nicely in any respect for the 11 days I had it hooked up – it was tremendous gentle sleep as a result of I used to be subconsciously anxious about rolling onto it and sleeping on it through the evening. Additionally, I used to be somewhat shocked by the catheter when the Pilot eliminated it for me – it’s a teeny plastic tube, nevertheless it was longer than I anticipated lol.

All in all, it was a very precious expertise and I loved getting access to all the knowledge + studying from my Nutrisense RD.

Am I going to connect the second sensor? I believe I’ll undoubtedly do it will definitely however am taking a break for a few weeks. I wish to run some extra experiments with meal timing and consuming sure meals by themselves + along side different meals.

Any questions on Nutrisense? Is that this one thing you suppose you’ll do? In the event you determine to attempt it out, you should use the code GINA50 for $50 off 🙂



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